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Laser Jammer Testing for Washington State (Seattle/Everett/Lynnwood/Auburn, etc)

     Did you know is located in the Seattle, Washington  region?  Curious if your laser jammer setup can jam the current WSP Trooper LIDAR guns like the Kustom Signals Prolaser III or LTI 20-20 speed guns?  If you have a laser jammer installed on your vehicle and would like it tested against the same guns used by the Washington State Patrol(WSP) feel free to contact us for a meet up.

Civilians and police officers are invited to write at

     If you're a Washington State Trooper or Seattle region officer I'd be happy to show you which LIDAR guns are the best bang for your buck with todays Federal grants.  Speed LIDAR guns don't have to bankrupt your department.  Shoot me an email if your department is contemplating which LIDAR guns to trust and purchase.

Drive safe civilians.  God bless those in blue.

- Chris

What does the Washington State Patrol(wsp) use exactly?

As of 10/2010 the following units below show what the state patrol has in stock.  While the LIDAR units are limited only to Kustom and LTI products, several local members have seen Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser's used by local police so be careful.  Kustom Signal Prolite's have also been sited by other departments.  Of all the radar and laser products on the WSP list, the MPH Industries BEE III is most prevalant.

Should I just pay the fine or get a traffic attorney? (Seattle Area)

When you have a laser jammer you'll likely never get a laser ticket, however you probably will get a BEE III radar ticket one of these days.  I always recommend getting a traffic attorney because you don't want your insurance rates to go up.  I'm not an attorney or an attorney spokesperson, however I can recommend two traffic attorneys that are the best money can buy.  Email me for a referral - 

LIDAR Guard is a passive countermeasure used to improve the performance of any laser jammer brand by reducing a vehicles reflective cross signature.  Click for more details.