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     Laser jammers are serious business.  A police lidar gun can detect your speed in less then 1/2 a second.  Our testing group, Team JA-3, tests every jammer we can get our hands on to the strictest conditions.  We own more speed laser guns then a police department, a collection that was started 4 years ago.  We have normal day jobs and lives like everyone else.  Testing laser jammers started out as a hobby and continues to be just that. was started to protect the consumer from over hyped performance marketing of laser jammers.

     Bottom line.  Our laser jammer testing is pretty strict.  Another testing group claims we're too hard on jammers.  Why would we be easy on them?  A police officer isn't going to help you.  Your only option is to buy the best jammer money can buy.  If a jammer can go through our gauntet of lidar guns and jam everything it's a safe bet you'll never get another speeding ticket.  Sometimes our testing or investigative reporting will unveil the truth about a company.  The latest company exposed is Laser Protector LTD, manufacturer of the LPP Laser Pro Park.   You can read the entire developing store here.

We're not 'professional testers.'  We're obsessed LIDAR jammer enthusiasts!

     The sad truth about any gadget is the marketing budget may be larger than the engineering budget.  Many companies make unfounded claims  stating their product is 'the best.'  I for one fell for Rocky Mountain Radar magazine and radio ads(before I tested laser jammers)  If you can take one piece of advice from this site, let the first one be Rocky Mountain radar/laser scramblers are a complete scam and do not work as advertised.  We have tested their radar jammers.  They don't work.  We tested 3 of their laser jammers.  They don't work either.  Some laser diffusers/jammers work better than others.  I started this review site to protect the consumer from getting scammed.  It's not fun being a victim.  The marketing claims stop here.

     We review laser jammers in a strictly controlled environment.  The test sites will change from week to week, but we always make sure the test track is at least 1,000 feet.  The laser jammers we test are blind purchased, meaning we don't receive free samples or prototypes from manufacturers.  If we do test a prototype laser jammer it'll be clearly noted in the review.  Our testing team is different than other 'reviewer groups' because we allow guests to attend our events, unlike other groups. offers public testing for private individuals too.  We're located in the greater Seattle area.   If you have a laser jammer on your car we can help you figure out the perfecting mounting location.

What laser jammer is the best? 


    After the laser jammers are carefully tested and reviewed, we decide whether the laser diffuser qualifies as being "JA-3 approved."  An approved laser jammer means the unit works as advertised and lives up to the marketing claims.  You will find several units that are approved for operation in your vehicle.  Stay away from 'Laser Mask/GF100', 'M18 Xtreme', 'Laser ProPark' and all Rocky Mountain Radar products.  People who sell these poor performing laser jammers shouldn't be trusted.  "JA-3 approved" laser jammers are:  Laser Star Pro, K40 Laser Defuser G5, Anti-Laser Priority(ALP), Antilaser ALG9, Blinder HP-905, and Laser Interceptor.  We look forward to seeing if the new and upcoming Escort Laser Shifter Pro will be added to the approved list this January if it's released then.

    This review site is always updating with new information.  Subscribe to our blog and always be in the loop.

July 2016 - K40 Defuser Optix Review

K40 Electronics added a new model to the Defuser line.  This new system comes standard with two transponders and uses laser diodes instead of LED's. This system has a superior false alert suppression system and performed as advertised in jamming capability. LaserJammerTests recommends and welcomes this new addition to the jammer community!  

Click here for the full review.

 January 2014 - New review of the K40 Laser Defuser G5 against the Truspeed S, Kustom Prolite+, and lab style tests of the DragonEye Compact Random VPR.  The new G5 performed well and was found to be the only laser jammer to detect all variable pulse rate guns in the USA.  We installed two transponders above the license plate with the photo diodes positioned closest to the headlights.  The lab style video happens to be my favorite demonstration so be sure to watch that whole thing.

Click here to read the detailed review.  



1/31/2014 - The Escort Laser ShifterPro fails to jam and alert to the DragonEye Compact in anti-jam ECCM mode with this new video review.  Keep in mind this laser gun was released over 6 months ago in June 2013!  If the company can't jam any of the current LIDAR guns on the market before the release date, how on earth can their customers expect firmware updates on a timely manner for future threats?!  This is totally unacceptable and a waste of $600.  Watch the test video and see for yourself.  Think about this...a company releases a laser jammer in 2014, but it's still unable to jam a gun that was on sale in 2013.  This doesn't build confidence with customers who are banking on Escort's engineers to have fixes right away.





5/30/2013 - It's official.  DragonEye DragonCam SLAPS Laser Interceptor equipped vehicle with a photo laser ticket...TWICE!

Two weeks ago I was alerted by an anonymous source about a possible problem with Laser Interceptor's ability to jam and detect the new DragonCam.  I went straight to the forum to read the posters claim.

"Over on the Escort site last week, someone mentioned they got a photo Lidar ticket in Edmonton. Well guess what I got in the mail today! My LI's didn't alert at all that I was hit. I have a quad that has been tested as JTG. Does anyone have more info on this new threat that the LI didn't pickup?" - Commandrkeen

I was skeptical this claim was even true and decided to wait until further evidence was posted.  It only made sense to contact Scott Patterson(CEO of Dragon Eye) and ask him if his new LIDAR cam was busy ticketing drivers in Edmonton Canada.  Scott replied on the 16th before the photo speed ticket was uploaded.


Edmonton is using our DragonEye DragonCam units.     They are not Laser Ally units, but as you probably know they are certified under both names.  Obviously I can't say for sure what photo Lidar was used in these incidents, but given the description of what happened, I believe it was most likely our unit.  


On the 21st of May, 2013 I received the following email from Scott:

I just saw the ticket posted on this thread....[*email for citation source]

That is our DragonCam system (sold directly, not through Digital Ally).   Those systems in Edmonton have been deployed in the field for over six months now."
5 days after Scott's email the original poster of the claim above wrote,
"Well, I was right! Second Photo Lidar ticket arrived in the mail today! I did talk with Cliff, he indicated that they do not guarantee against tickets and that they continually have firmware updates being released. No word on when the next update is coming out or if it will include the gun that caught me twice." - Commandrkeen
What does this mean for the entire industry?
This photo lidar speeding ticket proves Scott's claim on 4/14/2013.   Many pulse rate versions of the Laser Ally/Dragon Eye LiDAR exist and testers like myself may never be able to get the true pulse rate frequencies to do an accurate test of 'jamability.'  Cliff with Laser Interceptor has produced videos of his unit jamming this gun, but on the other side of the border people are receiving real photo laser tickets in Canada. If Canadians are getting tickets, that can only mean drivers in the USA are bound to get a friendly ticket with a first class mail stamp.  Laser Interceptor does issue updates and it's one of the best jammers in the industry, however if a normal joe can never get the true algo frequencies updates are useless!  This is very concerning not just for Laser Interceptor, but for the entire jammer industry as a whole.  If we can't determine how many different pulse rates their are or even buy the guns with those frequencies, we as drivers will fail against Dragon Cam and must abide by the speed limit(the insanity!)  I really HATE to say this because I've been driving worry free with the Washington State Patrol for years. 
We are no longer invincible from speeding tickets just because we drive with a Laser Interceptor or other top tier jammer like the Laser Elite.  Updates or not, nothing is 100% with this company manufacturing laser guns!
I do have good news so don't worry!  Blinder and K40 have ticket guarantees!  If you get a laser speeding ticket with the new K40 Laser Defuser G5 or the Blinder HP-905 they will pay for your ticket!  It's unclear whether points go on your license in Canada if you get a photo ticket.  Do you know the answer?  Email me at LaserJammerTests[at] with a source.  


4/14/2013 - Laser Interceptor version 8.13 FAIL


vs Laser Ally(Dragon Eye).


Scott Patterson, CEO of DragonEye Technology, LLC, wrote the following to me 4/16/13.

"Don't know for sure but I believe a lot of these "testers" were using Laser Ally / DragonEye units with commercial (non law enforcement grade) software. Units sold for known non-law enforcement applications don't get the fully certified law enforcement software. Speed accuracy is of course just as good but the anti-jamming software is not the same. See below. The situation has been like this for a long time now."  - Scott Patterson


Mr. Patterson brings up an interesting topic.  We know that Laser Ally has many software versions and we're also aware of the new Laser Ally Compact model that came out not too long ago which retails around $1700.00.  Does the Laser Interceptor jam even the older Laser Ally's?  According to the CEO of DragonEye's email above, one can't totally be for sure because Digital Ally is the distributor for the LIDAR guns.  One could argue that a private person like myself could simply have their sherriff buddy acquire one without DragonEye knowing.  The Laser Interceptor in the test video above is version 8.13 and it completely fails to jam the gun.  Not good!  Another website on Google would probably say the Interceptor is now obsolete if they didn't have a financial interest in selling them.  I personally trust Scott Patterson's test video, but I can't validate his claim of different software versions being used for different markets.  Scott even admitted that he doesn't know for sure.  So where is the truth?  Does the Laser Interceptor fail against a commercial software, law enforcement software, both, or did DragonEye just make another software version for the video to prove a point?  The LI has been shown to jam this gun before by independent testers much like the Laser Elite has.  The ultimate question becomes, 'Which DragonEye software versions are being tested?"  Those who have the guns don't want to disclose the version numbers because of fear the software will be updated.  LaserAlly will always have the one-up because a jammers response is always reactive, not proactive.  Are you a purchasing agent for your police department?  I highly recommend the LTI Truspeed S and Laser Ally Compact. 

Blinder HP-905 about to be tested!  This highly publicized model replaces the LED M27/M47 series(thank god!)  For years people have been begging Blinder DK to move to a fresh diode system.  Laser Interceptor's most visible seller and reviewer has downgraded the LI(Interceptor) to the #2 spot, making the HP-905 the top choice .  Torbin and Leon seemingly went above and beyond with this new model, making it the smallest and most effective laser jammer on the market(according to other reviewers.)  I look forward to challenging the Blinder HP-905 against the newest VPR threat.

Laser Star - 97.6% (Team JA-3 approved)

     Laser Star performed the best in our recent tests and sits on the top of the Team JA-3 approved list.  You can watch all the test videos and reviews by clicking the tabs above.  We tested this laser jammer to death!

[Audi S-Line Test] [Kustom Prolaser 3] [Laser Atlanta S] [Ultralyte 20-20] [Stalker Lidar] [LTI Marksman]

Laser Elite LE-X2 Review - 100% Jam!

(Team JA-3 approved)

The Laser Elite has been out for quite a while in the UK and EU.  It was only until it started to creep into the USA that I took an interest in the jammer.  The Laser Elite is smaller than the Laser Star(non-pro model), Laser Pro Park, and Antilaser ALG8.  Watch the test videos and read the full review here. 

P.A.S.S. (Team JA-3 approved; USA only)

     A forum member from scheduled a meet up with us.  We tested a two and three head configuration on his Corvette.  The test vehicle received very low punch throughs when two heads were used.  Punch throughs were eliminated after a third head was installed.  After seeing the PASS system perform as advertised in person, we had no choice but to approve this jammer.  You can read about the testing by clicking here.

AntiLaser USA office closes in height of industry lawsuit fun

     On the 17th of August, 'Stefan' announced to the world AntiLaser ALG9's could be purchased on US soil from their brand new New York office.  For the first time people wouldn't have to call a Croatian phone number to order their laser jammer.  The grand opening wasn't a huge show and neither was the symbolic hanging of the 'closed' sign weeks later.  Okay well we didn't see a sign on a window, but the USA website,, has been stripped completely of contact information.  The USA office must have blind faith their business won't last long in America.  Goodbye AL Team USA!   [Full Story]

K40 Laser Defuser EX2 - 94.4% (Team JA-3 approved)

     A Mini Cooper equipped with the newly redesigned EX series proved to be a top performer.  The Laser Defuser EX2 jammed the Laser Atlanta, Kustom Prolaser III, and LTI Ultralyte LR.  Punch through averages were very small and the overall jamming efficiency on a 1200' test track resulted in 94.4% overall jam.  We are very pleased with this new model and proudly put it on the approved list of jammers that work as advertised.  You can read the full review here.

Anti-Laser ALG8 (Team JA-3 approved)

     We haven't tested the Anti-laser personally, but several of our friends borrowed our laser guns to test the ALG8 and they said it worked great.  The ALG8 is 1 of 5 jammers approved by team ja-3.  Anti-laser should stop being greedy.  Why would a consumer buy a dual head anti-laser for about $879 when they can get a dual head laser star for $600 in the usa?  Anti-laser, please drop your prices!

 Laser ProPark (LPP)  - WARNING!

     [Breaking News]  Consumer ALERT! - UK Government to crack down on Laser Protector LTD, manufacturer of Laser Pro Park, for not paying taxes.  A strike-off order has been issued and is available on the UK Government's company registry.  Consumers should be warned that if they purchase this product they will not have any support or warranties when the company goes out of business.  Of course Laser Pro Park never jammed the Traffipatrol XR, SCS-102, or LTI Truspeed anyway.  It's almost as if they were already operating like a bankrupt company.  To view this breaking story click here.

     The only benefit of an outdated and practically worthless product like the Laser Pro Park is you will probably have the opportunity to buy a used one for cheap on Ebay.  Ebay UK may be a great site to search first because this is where dealers normally liquidate their inventory.  I've personally seen dual and single kit Laser Pro Park's sell on the auction site for pennies on the dollar.  You won't be able to jam several 3rd & 4th generation speed guns, but for a few bucks on Ebay it would be worth adding it to your car.  Just don't blame me for warning  you about the shortfalls.  Before you buy any Laser Pro Park kit it's necessary for you to specifically ask if it can jam the following guns:  Traffipatrol XR, SCS-102/103, and SL700(the most popular lidar gun in the UK.)  Always pay with a credit card so you can do a charge back if they lie to you.




 BREAKING NEWS:  KMPH's USA & CANADA Distributor dumping Laser Pro Park stock to carry the Escort ZR4 Shifter instead?

     Is it a mere coincidence that two distributors of Laser Pro Park are now beginning to sell a main stream competing jammer brand after we broke the news about KMPH UK's tax liability issues?  The fate of Laser Protector's brand is almost sealed.  It's a good thing most of you didn't listen to their top distributor's marketing claims.

    A member of the radar detector forum, 'Crazy***Rob', asked about LPP's financial issues.  The Canadian distributor claimed Laser Protector was financially healthy.  Greece's distributor said the same thing, noting that sales were 'better now.'  How many lies will LPP say to stay alive?

    If these distributors claim sales are good, then they must be talking about the sales of the ZR4 Shifter they recently started to sell.  On just about evert car forum the Laser Pro Park is discussed as an old tech jammer.

    A detailed report on the subject can be read by clicking here.



Laser Interceptor - 91.2% (Team JA-3 approved)

     Reports about LI's newest transponder heads are surfacing, above the water that is.  Leakage issues still plaque this manufacturer.  When will they ever fix the sealing issue?  It's been over a year and the new heads still have problems.  Read about it here.  Watch the video below.

[NEW] Test results of our latest review here

Interceptor Test #1   [Vertical mount review]

Interceptor Test #2   [Horizontal mount review]


 Laser Interceptor Test FAILS Poliscan?

The Poliscan photo enforcement video test below wasn't performed by LJT.  We're unable to confirm the jammer was correctly mounted, etc.  The video is interesting none the less considering reports of laser tickets with the DragonCam's in Canada were ticketing drivers equipped with Laser Interceptors. 


[OLD REVIEW] The "LI" retail version didn't perform as advertised.  The Laser Star, Anti-laser, and Laser Pro park perform better then this jammer.  You can read the detailed review and watch the test videos by clicking the laser interceptor tabs above.  Laser Interceptor had a "prototype" tested by the Gol.  After the "prototype" was tested and given rave reviews, Laser Interceptor changed the retail version and cut out 50% of the transmitting diodes.  In effect, laser interceptor's TRUE performance was cut by that much too.  It's a sad case.  Many people were scammed by this company.  Most don't even realize it yet.  Carry a pen in your car.  You're going to need it when the officer makes you sign a speeding ticket.

Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter

     The Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter is an older LED based laser jammer manufactured by Escort.  At the current moment Escort is liquidating their stock for pennies on the dollar.  This once 'high end' jammer can now be purchased at the manufacturers site for $250.00, an awesome deal for a driver on a budget.  The Shifter can link to your Escort Passport 8500 X50, 9500CI, 9500Xi, and many other Escort radar detectors.  The price is the plus here.  This laser jammer falls short of jamming or detecting the Laser Atlanta Speed Laser S,R,B in Stealth mode.  It also has problems with the Stalker Lidar.  For the detailed review on this 'Shifter' click here.

Laser Mimic

     The Laser Mimic is no longer in production, but it deserves to be listed in the "bad arse" category.  LED based laser jammers are inferior to Laser diode based jammers, however the laser mimic was the best LED based jammer you could buy.  The Blinder M27/M7 is now the best.  The best part about the mimic is it's cheap as hell.  The mimic would be on the Team JA-3 approved list if it wasn't for its failure to jam the Laser Atlanta in stealth mode.

M18 X-Treme

      The M18 X-Treme laser jammer is simply a rebranded Laser Mimic.  This laser jammer is manufactured overseas and works well against most laser guns.  We can't approve this laser jammer though because it fails to jam the Laser Atlanta LIDAR gun in 'Stealth Mode.'  Please click here for more information.


GF100/Laser mask

     The GF100 laser diffuser sold in Australia is the same as the "Laser Mask" laser jammer sold in the USA.  This LED based jammer doesn't perform as advertised.  We tested this unit months ago.  The Laser Mask frequently let the LIDAR gun get speed readings.  We were going to do an "official" test with one of the guns, but when we tried to turn it on for the second time the internal fuse fried.  LED jammers are behind the times anyway.  Police LIDAR guns don't use LED's because they're too weak.  Why would you use an LED for a jammer then?

Lidatek Laser Echo LE-10  (Team JA-3 approved)*

     The Lidatek LE-10 class III laser jammer is brutal.  It's NOT eyesafe and produces jam codes on lidar guns.  *This diffuser is no longer manufactured, but it's truly the king of jammers.  It will jam everything and I mean everything.  Lidatek was recently purchased by a California company.  *The LE-10 was discontinued well before the company had financial difficulties.  If you find this jammer buy it!  (I doubt you'll beat me to it)  The most recent Lidatek model, the LE-30, is eye safe and doesn't use the same technology as the LE-10.  The LE-30 series was also discontinued.

               NEW - Laser Elite LE-X2 Test Videos (Team JA-3 Approved)




                     Stalker LIDAR vs LE-X2 (Gen 4 before E0-4 updated version)


AntiLaser ALG9 RX (newest AL model - JA-3 approved)

     The video above demonstrates the ALG9's ability to jam the LTI Truspeed.  The new ALG9 RX is capable of jamming both the Euro and USA version of the gun,  infact Antilaser was the first company to jam the Euro variable pulse rate version.  Blinder Extreme & Escort ZR4/ZR3 was the first to offer protection against the fixed 200.3 PPS USA version. 

Radikal d.o.o. (LTD) claims:

  • "- Smaller and easier to install Sensors
  • - Patented State of the art laser receiver controlled by a dedicated micro controller
  • - The unit's memory has been doubled allowing for new program features to be added

     The new RX revision is capable of jamming all LTI Truspeed LIDARguns.  Each transponder is equipped with 4 photo diodes for better laser detection and the power input is capable of working with different voltages.  ALG8 heads are not compatible with the new RX in-car boxes.  The video below is a manufacturer demo of the ALG9 RX against the British Unipar SL700.


  • - Will 100% effectively operate from 10 V trough 17 V battery power
  • - Increased laser detection angle to 30 degrees"


KMPH Canada keeps your money for 30+ days without sending the laser jammer out...


Breaking News

      A customer of KMPH Canada (Laser Pro Park dealer) pays upfront for an LPP laser jammer, but the Canadian dealer doesn't send out the product or an email indicating a delay.

 30 days later the customer is wondering where his LPP is and makes a public complaint about KMPH Canada's lack of customer service and non-delivery of goods paid.

 Forums members are surprised to hear about the 'out of character' customer service and suggest he file a credit card charge back against the Laser Pro park dealer.  


Find out what happens by reading the whole story here.

Ticket countermeasures unrelated to laser diffusers




Cheetah C100 GPS Detector Review

     The C100 manufactured by Cheetah isn't a laser jammer, but it will save you from photo enforcement tickets.  Stationary photo radar/lidar/laser vans are now beatable by this device.  Red light cameras are also defeated with ease.  You can read the entire review by clicking here.


Laser Veil G4 'Stealth Coating'

     The new generation 'G4' stealth paint by Laser Veil is a laser jammer sidekick.  This special paint absorbs the infrared laser shot by speed LIDAR guns(where the coating is applied.)   Stalker Lidar units are greatly affected by the use of Veil on vehicles.  Drivers who purchased the ZR3/ZR4 Laser Shifter should consider adding this product to their car in order to reduce Stalker LIDAR punch throughs, a gun both units still have difficulty with.   More information about Veil here.


Audi A4 S Line equipped with Laser Star.  Test videos are here!


     Our most recent laser jammer review was made possible by Cliff and Ian. The Audi A4 shown above was installed with a Laser Star laser jammer. 



UPDATE: UK Government Dissolves Laser Pro Park

Read the full story by clicking "Laser Pro Park' in the menu or by clicking here.


What do others say about LaserJammerTests? 

"My conclusion, is that I need to wait for all of the remaining members of GOL to release their own systems, be kicked out of GOL, and then look to the JA-3 team to put the good ones on their list.

We'll lose GOL as an testing group, but gain more systems, and have JA-3 to take GOL's place."

-- Edweird (rdnet board member)