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K40 Laser Defuser EX2 Review

UPDATE 1/24/2014.  K40 now makes the G5 Laser Defuser model and no longer manufactures the EX.  A complete review of the new model can be found here.


K40 makes a comeback with the new Defuser 'EX' Series

The new K40 Defuser EX2 is a complete overhaul of their previously manufactured Laser Defuser.  The older version was sadly outdated and it's obvious K40 realized it was time to keep up with the times.  The new Defuser EX2 is powered by 10 IR LED's, 2 more LED's compared to its close competitors.  Its detection ability is supported by 3 photo LED's per head.  What amazed us the most was how small it was!  The width of the unit is a little long for our taste, but the depth is something to talk about. The K40 Defuser EX series sells with either one or two transponders.  A one head system is labeled the Defuser EX and a two head unit is labeled the EX2.

How we tested the Defuser EX2

John and I had our eyes out for the new K40 Defuser EX2 ever since we read the 'Speedlabs' test results.  We unfortunately could not justify spending $600.00 on a unit that we felt could possibly fare worse then the results featured on SpeedLabs.  2 months roll by and we're contacted by Seth, a Mini Cooper owner from Renton, WA (close to Seattle.)  We found out his Mini was installed with the new K40 Defuser EX2!!!!!  Woooohooooo!!!  This means we don't have to spend the $600.00 ourselves. 

Seth met us at the track and the games were on.  John drove the test car while Seth and I switched off shooting the lidar guns.  Jamming the rear of the vehicle wasn't tested because a jammer wasn't placed on the back.  It's advised to ALWAYS have a jammer installed on the rear of your car.  Troopers are constantly shooting from overpasses now.  Only one lidar gun was operated at any given moment.

Results of the test - 94.4% Overall Jam

Using the Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser S, the K40 Laser Defuser EX2 sucessfully jammed all center mass shots.  Headlight shots jammed all the way to 209' and 63'.  The average jamming efficiency for this gun was an astonishing 94.3%.  The average punch through distance was 68 feet when spread out over the 4 runs.  The Kustom Prolaser 3 was jammed all the way to the gun 3 out of 4 times.  The only punch through we got was 118' on a headlight.  The highest punch through on the LTI Ultralyte LR was 311'.  It can be concluded the new K40 Laser Defuser EX2 is one awesome laser jammer!  The overall jam efficiency is 94.4%.  We would have loved to test the K40 against the Stalker Lidar, but that gun is out on loan.  As soon as we get the gun back we'll call Seth to show up for a Stalker test.  The only thing I'd change about this laser jammer is the selling price.  Because of the superior jamming witnessed first hand, K40 now sits on the 'TEAM JA-3' approved list of jammers.  Thank you K40 for putting in the R&D to make your new jammer series 'as advertised.'