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New LIDAR gun by LTI. Truspeed S hits the streets.

Posted on July 18, 2011 at 12:52 PM

It comes to no surprise that LTI(Laser Technology Inc.) would release their new product around the same time their #1 competitor did.  Laser Technology just released a few days ago the Truspeed S, a LIDAR speed unit that's CHEAP and uses the same housing concept as the Kustom Prolite+.  LTI essentially took the housing from the TruPulse 360, also a new product this year, and equipped it to be speed enforcement ready.  The Truspeed S has the same max distance of 2000', but the laser beam is a wide 3.5 milirad beam.  Normal LIDAR guns are 3 milirads and the hard to jam/detect units are 2.5 milirads, meaning the beam would be 2.5 feet wide at 1000'.  Why would LTI choose to go with a wider beam divergence?  I have a theory....  Remember when Laser Atlanta first came out with their undetectable/jammable 'stealth mode?'  Veil Guy, myself, and many other enthusiasts found out 'stealth mode' took alot longer to acquire a speed.  If you increase the 'rule of squares' you get better reflections.  I wonder if the new TruSpeed S has VPR technology like the TruCam?

Are you an officer that is interested in an inexpensive LIDAR gun for your department?  The TruSpeed S can fit in your pocket, has 7X magnification for easy identification, and did I say it's really cheap?!  Since when did LIDAR units cost less than radar guns?  The TruSpeed came close and the TruSpeed S is the checkmate on the speed enforcement market.  Check out LTI's newest unit at:

- Chris

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