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Now you can test your own laser jammer

Posted on April 1, 2011 at 2:51 PM

You just bought a Blinder M27, Interceptor, Laser Star Pro, Escort, etc.  How do you know if you bought a 'dead on arrival' unit?  Manufacturers have a 1% or less defective rate on average.  Wouldn't it be terrible if you bought one of those units and received a fat ticket because your laser diode was dead?  Now it's possible to test your jammer without buying a multi-thousand dollar LIDAR gun.  The LE-17 Laser Tester, manufactured by Laser Elite, has the ability to mimic 17 LIDAR guns, including 100% of the popular speed laser guns in the USA.  With the LE-17 Laser Jammer Tester you can test the photo diodes of your transponders.  Pull out your cell phone and put it into camera mode.  Next turn on the LE-17 and see if your jamming diodes fire from the transponders.  It's the easiest and cost effective way to verify water or other elements haven't compromised your system.  Click on the photo below and be sure your jammer isn't defective. 

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