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Antilaser ALG9 Revision RX vs Trucam

Posted on December 13, 2010 at 3:35 PM

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Antilaser is an amazing company that produces quality products.  They're frequently the first and only company to jam many LIDAR guns in the world and usually the first to produce video evidence of their success.  The video above shows the ALG9 Antilaser Revision RX killing the LTI Laser Technology Trucam.  The laser jammer utilizes a red or white "fog light" to thwart law enforcement.  This "fog light" idea would be great if you used an amber light in the USA.  Use the red fog light version and you'll be pulled over by law enforcement in the USA for using emergency lighting.  Antilaser has a great idea, but they didn't do any homework before the red LED's were installed.  Marko did a great job in beating the LTI Trucam none the less.  Keep up the good work Antilaser team!

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