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Laser Pro Park dumped by two largest UK distributors

Posted on June 20, 2010 at 4:56 PM

Maybe it's because Laser Pro Park can't defeat the Poliscan II LIDAR speed cameras, or maybe they discontinued it because LPP can't jam the SCS-103, SCS-103, Truspeed Euro, Traffipatrol XR, SL700, and other lidar guns in the UK and Europe.  It seems that the final large distributors, UK Speed Traps and Radar Detector Shop UK have discontinued the sale of Laser Pro Park all together.  Maybe they'll start to sell that POS product again IF Pro Park ever gets their head out of their arses and finally comes out with an update to fix all the guns they can't jam.  I have to hand it to the two resellers for finally doing what's right for the consumers and that's to stop selling an inferior product that doesn't work at jamming all laser guns. 

UK speeders beware of other dishonest resellers selling Laser Pro Park.   Honest and reliable distributors don't carry trash like the LPP. 

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