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New Stalker LIDAR LR is out. EU model is class 1M device.

Posted on June 10, 2010 at 8:26 AM

The brand spanking new Stalker LR series is out.  Before we get into the fun stuff I'm going to quote what is new off of Stalkers website.


"Newly Designed Optics

Updated Electronics

New ergonomic, rechargeable battery handle provides better balance, which means less physical stress

Integrated battery charger

Improved latch-secured handle

State-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology

New 32-bit processor compared to the previous 8-bit processor

New CPU’s clock rate is 5X faster for faster target aquisition

Standardized receiver board built to accommodate

future enhancements

Time Distance Converter (TDC) for improved

time/distance measurements

Doppler Audio Tracking"

What does this mean for the laser jammer community?  Is Stalker holding back a secret...

Applied Concepts has always been very good about listing ALL of its specs in its devices.  Infact, I think it's safe to say Stalker was the ONLY LIDAR company that made their pulse rate out in the open, 130 Hz.  You can find this information by clicking on the PDF spec sheet  they always provide on the website. 

What's different this time?  OH NO!

Their are a few members on the forums who had their "LR" software upgrade, but the hardware wasn't changed.  One member claims to have messed around with the prototype before it was released.  So far nobody has actually messed around with a true retail production Stalker LR(they sell for about $3,400 BTW.)  So guess what folks?  I checked the spec sheet on the new LR and Stalker put everything on the spec sheet as usual BUT THE PULSE RATE!  It's the first time ever that Stalker didn't put the pulse rate down.  Did Stalker finally change the pulse rate from 130 pps to something else?  Why would they list that info and everything else with all the other previous models, but suddenly they don't list it on the new one?   Looks like Laser Pro Park has another gun it can't jam lol.

Why is the EU model a class 1M unit, but the USA version is a Class 1?  Probably because the EU version has a higher pulse rate!  woohoo.

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