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PASS laser jammer system tested on a Corvette.

Posted on June 24, 2008 at 5:49 AM

When we heard about the new PASS laser jammer, we at LaserJammerTests were quite disgusted.  I don't want to get into the political mess the Guys of Lidar get themselves into, but I do need to make an update to my previous blog about this laser jammer.

"JZ" from the radar detector forum got in touch with us because he purchased the PASS laser jammer system from Don, a past member of the Guys of Lidar.

When I witnessed the testing of the PASS system it had a dual head setup on the front.  From my understanding the PASS sytem comes standard with a 3-head setup.  For whatever reason JZ only had two heads up front.  "Ronin" shot the car with all the guns we had on us at the time, the Laser Atlanta, Kustom ProLaser 3, and LTI 20-20 LR(100pps.)  JZ drove the Corvette and Ronin shot the guns while John and I watched.  The Corvette had minimal punch throughs around 100 feet or less.  On one of the runs with the Laser Atlanta I think Ronin got him around 300 feet.  Everything else was either jam to gun or sub 100 foot punch throughs.

Weeks down the road JZ put a third head up front.  Apparently JZ is as crazy as John and I about laser protection.  It doesn't hurt to overkill on the defense gadgets.

I was unable to attend the second PASS laser jammer test, but from my understanding the third head up front JTG'd everything.  John drove the Corvette while JZ was shooting the lidar guns.  I wasn't there to witness this test pesonally, so any questions should be directed to JZ on the radar detector forum.

The verdict:

The PASS laser jammer system worked as advertised in our latest tests.  I would love to see how this unit does on an SUV. 

Where are the test videos?

"JZ" was afraid the local cops would notice his car from the internet because it's classified as a high end sports car and clearly noticable.  He refused to video tape or photograph his car for privacy reasons. respects everyones rights to privacy.  If you have a laser jammer you'd like to test out, but don't want to be on camera, that is totally fine with us.  We would like to thank JZ for allowing us to see and test this jammer in person.  JZ just saved us $700.00 from a blind purchase test.

Want to get your laser jammer tested?  Email us at LaserJammerTests[at] to schedule a meet up.  Due to the surge in gas prices, LaserJammerTests may request a very small fee to cover gas expenses.

-- Chris

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