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Laser Elite and Blinder HP 905 tested against the Laser Ally VPR lidar gun

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Does the Laser Elite jam the new Variable Pulse Rate guns like the Truspeed S and LaserAlly guns?  Yes....for a long time now.

     A couple days ago a confused consumer asked me why a certain website said the Laser Elite was obsolete along with some other untruths.  I thought this was strange considering the Laser Elite LE-X2, LE-X3, LE-X4, & LE-X1 jams all the latest laser guns, including all the VPR guns made today.  This consumer pointed me to a website maintained by a guy name Matt, who doesn't actually do any testing himself, but instead steals content from other peoples sites and cites unfounded opinions in order to point people to Laser Interceptor and Blinder HP 905.  I sell a variety of laser jammers in my store, but you won't find me making up stuff to favor one model over another.

     Here is the truth.  The Laser Elite was jamming the Laser Ally all the way back in September of 2012 and the LTI Truspeed S in December 2012!  Proof of this was when "turbosjedi" and "LaxMan" on the Rennlist forum tested the Laser Elite and Blinder HP 905 against the same gun.  Both jammers jammed the LaserAlly, but it was the Laser Elite that didn't show a "jam code."

     If you want your Laser Elite tested against the LaserAlly in Idaho state I bet Turbosjedi would meet up with you if you asked.  If you're in Washington State and want your Elite, Blinder, or any other jammer tested against the Truspeed S simply email me.  I own this awesome LIDAR gun along with a handful of other units :-)

     It's really quite sad that other webmasters post information when they outright know the info is false.  The Laser Elite isn't obsolete by any means.  I highly recommend the Laser Elite and Blinder HP 905 laser jammers against the latest VPR guns.







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