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AntiLaser ALG9 vs Policscan (Nestor) speed camera

Posted on August 26, 2009 at 11:19 AM

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AntiLaser jams the European Poliscan speed lidar camera, also known as Nestor Systems in the United States.  The Nestor system scans multiple lanes of traffic and has the capability of ticketing multiple cars in a wolf pack.  This is a nice video of the ALG9 in action, however the in-car video footage is a bit weak.  The car with the laser jammer speeds up, but you can tell it slows down to the speed limit when it comes up to the camera.  I would like to see the test car whizzing by all the traffic.  In any case it's nice to know the Anti-Laser team can jam this gun.  Laser Pro Park on the other hand doesn't officially say they can jam this gun.  Just another gun to add to the list Laser Pro Park can't jam? 

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