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M18 X-Treme Laser Jammer Review

M18 X-Treme laser jammer? mean Laser Mimic rebadged as this new brand.

The M18 X-Treme is manufactured by the same company that made "Laser Mimic."  We have said this in the past and we'll say it over and over.  I fricken love the Laser Mimic laser jammer.  It has personally served me very well, however their is a clear reason it's not on our approved list anymore :-(  The Laser Mimic, aka M18 X-Treme,  fails miserably against the Laser Atlanta when used in 'Stealth mode.'  The Mimic won't even detect the lidar gun when used in this mode grrrrr.  If this jammer had the capability to detect and jam stealth mode we would be excited as hell. 

    Should you consider the M18 X-Treme?  It really depends on where you live honestly.  If you live in an area you're 100% sure Laser Atlanta's don't exist, I would personally recommend this unit as a secondary/back up jammer.  It's cheap, very effective(against most guns), and very reliable.  The M18 X-Treme has some pretty cheesy graphics.  Putting the cheese aside, the Laser Mimic M18 X-Treme is worth the money if it's sold under $200.00.  I wouldn't purchase this unit if they charge a penny more.  This jammer also works well as a back up unit.  I know several people who use a laser diode based jammer and a Laser Mimic/M18 X-Treme at the same time.  I personally wouldn't feel safe driving fast if this was my primary laser jammer.  It's not that good, but it's good for the money.

Do you have this jammer on your car? would like to test it if you're in the Seattle area.  We respect your right to privacy.  If you have this jammer or any other laser jammer you'd like to test, email us at LaserJammerTests[at]

 -- Chris 

Status - NOT approved

This laser jammer is not approved by Team JA-3 because it doesn't jam the Laser Atlanta in 'Steath mode.'

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