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Laser Veil G4 Infrared Stealth Coating

    Laser Veil isn't a laser jammer, but it'll improve the performance of one.  Laser Veil is marketed as a stealth paint that's used to absorb infrared light from police laser guns.  Police laser speed guns like the LTI Truspeed, Kustom ProLaser III, and Laser Atlanta operate at the near infrared wavelength of 905nm.  While jammers like the Blinder M25/M45 Xtreme transmit IR interference back to the gun, Veil is busy absorbing the IR light from the gun that would have otherwise been reflected off your car.  Police laser guns work by bouncing pulses of IR light off your vehicle.  If the LIDAR gun doesn't get enough 'data'/pulses the speed display will remain blank until more data is achieved.  Now don't get any funny ideas with this product.  Veil will only buy you some time before the dreaded gun reads your speed.  In a perfect world the officer will start to shoot you from 2,000 feet away.  At this time your Valentine One, Escort, or Whistler XTR 695 radar detector will alert to 'Laser.'  Immediately upon receiving the alert you should slow down.  Normally an officer will tag you instantly at 2,000 feet, but with Laser Veil the infrared absorbtion properties should buy you a few seconds to slow down.  If you have a top tier laser jammer Veil isn't a required product to put on your car, however it's just one more step any enthusiast can use to stealth out their car to the max.  Laser Veil G4 doesn't work against radar.  Radar absorbing paint can be purchased from your local military ;-)

Properties of Veil:  Laser Veil G4 is backed up by several patents worldwide.  What Veil is composed of is proprietary and undisclosed.  A general idea about the product can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Most UV and IR inhibiting products have a spectral analysis to demonstrate lab controlled testing.  Laser Veil doesn't disclose this type of information.

History:  The 'G4' in Veil means 'Generation 4.'  Veil has been a side kick to laser jammers and radar detectors for a long time.  Back in the day the coating was a very dark carbon color.  People in he past complained about the look it would give their car.  The manufacturer listened to the complaints and came out with a cosmetically better looking version.  Laser Veil G4 still tints your headlights a little, however it's far better than what it used to be.  I used to hate the earlier versions of Veil, but the G4 wins my heart over.

Pro's:  The IR coating will help your laser jammer perform better by helping to reduce 'punch through.'

Con's:  The cost of Veil is a little spendy at a street price of $89.99 - $99.99 a can.

Competitors:  LIDAR Guard (Diffuser license plate cover).  Veil can be applied to LIDAR Guard instead of putting Veil directly on the license plate itself, though most people should put Veil on the headlights first to ensure you have enough coverage.  LIDAR Guard is about $15.00 and is a great add on to Veil and other laser jammer packages.

LIDAR Guard is a passive countermeasure used to improve the performance of any laser jammer brand by reducing a vehicles reflective cross signature.  Click for more details.

Recommendation:  Buy it.  It's worth it.

Video demo of Laser Veil G4 in action.


This video was filmed by Steve and Bob.  I had nothing to do with this test, so please take the results as a grain of salt.  Many people combine Laser Veil G4 stealth paint with the Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter, Blinder Xtreme M25/M45, and Cincinnati Microwave ZR4(rebrand of Escort.)

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