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Laser Star vs Stalker Lidar

 The Stalker Lidar gun is arguably the hardest gun on the market to jam.  It's an absolute beast.  The Stalker is a tricky gun to test against because speed and distance readings may show up for a brief second, but isn't locked in.  A police officer may see this quick reading and pull you over for that speed.  Unlike the "Guys of Lies", we consider a speed reading a speed reading, regardless if it's a lock.  The "Guys of Lies" don't count brief speed readings on the Stalker as a punch through(according to Staton.)  We test laser jammers to the strictess conditions.  You won't see free rides on this site.

Just like the Laser Interceptor test, our data is composed of brief speed readings, even if the reading wasn't a lock.  When you watch the video you'll see that John didn't catch a couple of those brief readings.  He thought that were 'jam to gun."  This is why we record everything.  Nothing gets passed us.  If a reading shows up for a split second we'll count that.  Apparently the "GoL" doesn't count brief speed readings.  If we tested jammers in a loose way like the GoL this jammer would have received a higher jamming efficiency rating.  We believe the consumer should have all the data.

Manufacturer: Laser Star 


Test run #1 -- 91.7 % -- Jam until 83 feet from gun

Test run #2 -- 84.7 % --  Jam until 153 feet from gun

Test run #3 -- 84.0 % --  Jam until 160 feet from gun

Test run #4 -- 100% --  Complete jam

Test run #5 -- 87.2 % --  Jam until 128 feet from gun

Test run #6 -- 100% -- Complete jam

Test run #7 -- 87.4% -- Jam until 126 feet from gun

Test run #8 -- 100% -- Complete jam

Test run #9 -- 94.0% -- Jam until 60 feet from gun

Test run #10 -- 86.8% -- Jam until 132 feet from gun

Overall Results against the Stalker:

91.5% Jamming Efficiency

Do we recommend the Laser Star?

Yes.  Laser jammers must jam laser guns till at least 150' on average.  State troopers will target you further away, but it's the city bike cops that nail you at short distances.  The distance the Stalker was able to get a speed reading on the Laser Star was 85 feet.  In our eyes that's a jam to gun.  If you can't see a police officer at 85 feet you shouldn't be driving.  Seriously.


Laser Star test video against the Stalker Lidar gun