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Snooper Laser Star vs Kustom Prolaser 3

A brief history of Laser Star:

Laser Star is a laser jammer disguised as a parking sensor.  It's the #1 selling laser jammer in Europe, making it close to becoming a 'main stream' product overseas.  This jammer is backed by Snooper, a 28 year old multi-million dollar corporation.  Is the Laser Star as good as the hype?  Lets find out.

Manufacturer: Laser Star

Test Results:

Test Run #1 -- 100% Jam (watch the test video below!)

Test Run #2 -- 100% Jam  

Test Run #3 -- 100% Jam 

Test Run #4 -- 100% Jam

Test Run #5 -- 100% Jam

Test Run #6 -- 100% Jam

Test Run #7 -- 100% Jam

Test Run #8 -- 100% Jam 

Overall Results: -- The Laser Star performed exactly as advertised in our tests.  It jammed 100% of the 1000' test track.  You can watch the Laser Star in action by clicking on the test video below.  Seems Snooper is on to something.  This jammer earns our recommendation and is currently the best laser jammer we've ever tested.

USA vs UK Laser Star. Is there a difference?

We noticed a price difference between the Snooper Laser Star's in the UK and the USA Laser Star.  Is there a difference?  Yes.  The UK version comes standard with one transmitting head, whereas the USA version has 2 heads standard.  I emailed Laser Star and asked them about the differences I noticed.  

"Chris, thank you for writing.  The Laser Star in the UK is exactly the same as the Laser Star you find in the USA, with exception to a few things.  The only difference is the price point and standard head number.  Our European system is a standard one head and our standard USA model comes with 2 heads.  Much like any industry, different countries have different needs for the consumer.  Here in Europe we drive smaller vehicles compared to the USA.  Our vehicles are also twice as expensive as your vehicles.  Since our American consumers love larger vehicles and generally pay less for the same electronics, it only makes sense to give our friends in America what they're accustomed too.  Chris, you've probably seen the BBC special report on speed camera vans.  Here in the UK police officers are only trained to target the license plates.  Photo speed tickets that show a target dot on the headlight are thrown out.  One Laser Star transponder should give more then enough protection for small to medium sized cars.  A two head system is ideal for the USA because headlights as well as the plate need to be protected.  Excellence comes standard with Laser Star and that's something you'll find in both countries."

Do we recommend the Laser Star?

YES.  The product works and works well.  It's also backed by a multi-million dollar company that will never go bankrupt.  You'll never have to worry about warranty issues or slimey salesmen return policies.  Need help installing the unit?  Just have your local Snooper dealer take care of it for you.  It's no wonder why Laser Star took over a market so quickly.  Finally, a laser jammer that isn't made out of someone's garage in Croatia. 


Laser Star test video against the Kustom Prolaser 3.  Watch everything how it happened!