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Laser Star vs LTI Marksman Lidar

 The LTI Marksman is the #1 lidar gun in photo speed vans across the UK.  This gun is no longer in production by the manufacturer, however this gun is still used in the USA, UK, and many other countries.  Consider this gun to be a realistic threat.

The Marksman is an upgraded version of the original LTI 20-20 by Laser Technology.  This unit displays the speed in the scope or HUD.  The older LTI 20-20 would display the speed on the back reader board only.  All LTI guns have a lock tone and this particular model has an IR reflection quality mode.  The high pitch chirp is the designated sound of a speed lock.  Watch the base runs where the jammer is turned off to know what I'm talking about.  This gun was very easy to jam with the Laser Star.

Manufacturer: Laser Star


Run #1 -- 100% Jam (watch the test video below!)

Run #2 -- 100% Jam

Run #3 -- 100% Jam

Run #4 -- 100% Jam

Overall Results:

100% jam.  The Snooper Laser Star continues to be the top performer.

Do we recommend the Laser Star?

Yes.  No other laser jammer has come close to the low speed reading distances as this.  The Laser Star is backed by a 28 year old multi-million dollar corporation.  Snooper also makes the famous GPS systems that track speed camera vans.  How convenient.

Laser Star test video against the LTI 20-20 Marksman lidar gun