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Laser Star vs LTI 20-20

    The LTI 20-20 is a first generation lidar gun that is pretty much out of commission in every single country.  It has been replaced by the 2nd generation Marksman(no longer in production, but still in use), and the new Ultralyte's.  We decided to see test the Laser Star against this gun anyway.

Manufacturer: Laser Star


Run #1 -- 100% Jam

Run #2 -- 100% Jam

Run #3 -- 79.6% Jam. 

Speed reading obtained at 198 feet/60.35 Meters

Run #4 -- 100% Jam

Run #5 -- 100% Jam

Run #6 -- 100% Jam

Overall Jamming Performance --  96.5%

Watch the test video below to see each run.

The Snooper Laser Star once again did really well.  Although this gun is never used by police officers anymore, it's good to know this gun is covered.  The Snooper Laser Star is currently the best laser jammer we've ever tested.  Not only does it do well against all of our lidar guns, but it's good to know consumers will be protected by a company who's been in the business of fighting tickets for 28 years.

[VIDEO]  Laser Star vs LTI 20-20