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Laser Jammer Review:  Audi A4 S-line with Laser Star laser jammer







Laser jammer manufacturer:  Laser Star

Installation of the Laser Star lidar jammer

Since the conception of "Team JA-3", a testing group for laser jammers, we've had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people.  All of our tests are open to the public, so we frequently get people from out of town that witness and join our team.  One of our newest team members, Ian, is a professional electroincs installer.  Ian is fully certified and well educated in the mobile electronics industry.

This latest 'unofficial' test was made possible because of Ian and Cliff.  Cliff owns the Audi you see in the pictures.   He decided to drive over with his Laser Star diffuser boxed up.  With the help of Ian's expertise, the Laser Star installation turned out to be the stealthiest install job we have ever seen.  It was a pretty sweet deal for Cliff considering he really didn't pay much for the Laser Star.

The Laser Star transponders fit nice and snug(3M tape used) inside the grill of the Audi.  We do have one word of advice when you put the transponders into the grill.  Make sure you get a sharpie and color the side of the double sided tape black.  You can see from the photo's below a little white is showing.  If you step back about 2 feet you can't even see the jammer heads.  Very slick.  Thank you Audi for making your front grill jammer head friendly :-)


The on-off switch, speaker, mute button, and LED blinker were placed near the emergency brake because we felt it was safer to turn off the jammer by lowering the hand, rather then reaching up near the dash of the car.  Ian carefully positioned the speaker in a spot where the emergency brake wouldn't hinder the ear piercing alert.  Always make sure nothing is touching the pizzo.

Audi Laser Jammer Test classified 'unofficial'

Laser jammer testing is scientific when you think about it.  The jammer sensors have to be perfectly level and perpendicular to the road.  In the past we've always used a metal bar, bubble level, and triangle to make sure our jammer heads are perfectly level. This Audi Laser Star jammer test is a different story.  This review is unofficial because the laser sensors were permanently mounted inside the grill.  The sensors were placed in the appropriate spot, however it's impossible to get the heads 100% level, therefore we can not call this test an accurate representation of how the jammer will perform.  We only make a test official when we can guarantee the heads are perfectly aligned and level per the instructions of the user manual.  Please check out the Honda Accord Laser Star test for our official test on this product.


Audi A4 w/Laser Star vs LTI Marksman lidar gun

The LTI Marksman is heavy and old, but it's easily one of the quickest lidar guns in the west.  This ancient lidar gun has no problem picking off cars, and it's one of the most popular guns in Europe.  The LTI Marksman is no longer in production, but don't get all comfortable.  This device is still used by alot of police departments.  The Laser Star obviously jams this with ease.

Laser Star on Audi vs LTI 20-20 Ultralyte

This video shows a before and after effect.  We turned the Laser Star off to show you how easy it is to get a speed readings.  Turn the Laser Star on and you're electronically 'screwing the gun.'  Music to my ears.

The LTI 20-20 Ultralyte is a 3rd generation lidar gun and still manufactured today.  This particular model measures distance in meters and KMPH for speed.

Laser Star jammer vs Kustom ProLaser III and Laser Atlanta

Pay close attention to the second part of this video.  The Laser Atlanta is being operated in speed and distance HUD mode.  This means the lidar gun switches back and forth between distance and speed in the 'heads up display.'  The Laser Atlanta was unable to get a speed reading, however we were able to get a few distance readings.  Luckily for all of us cops don't issue tickets on distance readings.  :-)

The Kustom ProLaser III was the first lidar gun used in this video clip.  The Laser Star laser jammer had no problem jamming both of them.

Kustom ProLaser III demonstration against a Laser Star laser jammer

A frequently asked question is, "won't a cop notice you have a jammer if he's unable to get a speed for all that time?"

Laser jammers are built to jam police laser guns, but they're not built for you to be stupid about it.  If you're targeted by a police officer the buzzer inside the car will alert.  Slow down, drop to the posted speed limit, and then shut off jammer.  Once you turn off the jammer the officer will instantly get a reading.  He will then see you're driving at the posted speed limit.  :-)  No suspicion will arise if you use a laser jammer correctly.  Never jam a police officer all the way to the gun.  Slow down to the speed limit, then turn off the jammer. 

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