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UPDATE:  UK Government officially DISSOLVES Laser Protector LTD.!


It comes to no surprised that the UK Government finally had enough of Laser Protector LTD, manufacturer of Laser Pro Park laser jammers.  A while back we warned all consumers that Laser Protector's tax problems were getting bad.  For the past couple years the company has been going back and fourth between 'delinquent' to 'no accounts filed' to 'active' status.  What most consumers don't know is Laser Protector LTD's directors have been involved in a few other failed companies that Companies House has been investigating.  It's ILLEGAL to operate a business when it has been dissolved by the government, therefore all consumers should take great caution in buying any product manufactured by Kris Shortland or Andy Thompson.  Now that the company has been officially dissolved consumers can now expect no updates to be made with Laser Pro Park or have any warranty service options.  We are fully aware of the numerous complaints in South Africa where consumers were left high and dry.  The South African distributor stopped answering phone calls and ignored software update requests.  


It's now 100% illegal for Laser Protector to carry on business without a reinstatement of the company.  The only way to have the company reinstated is by court order of the highest court.  Call up Companies House and verify the facts yourself at +44 (0)303 1234 500.


Laser Pro Park

Nov. 2006 - Feb. 2009


Official Government Notice on Laser Protector LTD can be found by visiting here:


Companies House UK can be reached by telephone if you want to call them up yourself.



Tel: +44 (0)303 1234 500

Fax: 029 20380900



Companies House Executive Agency

21 Bloomsbury Street

London WC1B 3XD 

Laser ProPark fights tax problems, not the latest laser guns...

Consumer Alert

Laser Pro Park Laser Jammer(LPP)


Laser Pro Park users should start to get concerned...okay it's a little too late for that.  Many who have been duped by Laser Pro Park's claims to defeat 'new guns' in the future have been scammed we know.  Luckily the word has been out for a very very long time about Laser Protector's problems.  In Europe the Laser Pro Park doesn't jam the highly used TraffiPatrol XR or the SCS 102.  Laser Pro Park also fails to jam Nestor Speed LIDAR Camera's according to several sources.  If nobody really buys Laser ProPark (LPP) anymore then what is the problem?

Oh wait!  It's not a problem for consumers anymore.  The total drop in sales has caused the makers of Laser Pro Park to have tax problems.  If consumers are no longer buying LPP products because of their lack of engineering, this will trickle down over time and kill the very business that made the false claims of speedy engineering to begin with.

What the consumer needs to know about "LPP", "Laser Pro Park", "Laser Protector LTD."

Laser Protector's Laser Pro Park doesn't jam the Truspeed, Traffipatrol XR, SCS 102/103, and SL700 Unipar speed lidar guns.  The XR and SCS have been out for a long time.  Where has LPP been hiding on these threats?  They have no choice but to hide because they have ZERO money to spend on R&D.  The USA TruSpeed lidar gun by Laser Technology has been out for over 2 years.  By the time Laser Pro Park even acknowledged the Truspeed threat the state of California already purchased HUNDREDS of these $1995.00 laser guns.  Thousands of speeding tickets have been handed out with the help of these guns.

Only a few things remain for Laser Protector LTD.

1.  UK Companies House(like the IRS for USA), reports a strike-off for Laser Protector LTD.  This means the company is not paying their required taxes or requirements to stay in business.  The UK government has special laws that protect consumers.  If a company is struck off that can bleed over and collapse other companies associated with the originating company.  When the first domino falls everything else falls with it.  The photo below shows the strike off proposal on Laser Protector LTD.  You can also see the site directly during UK business hours.  (This is an older post.  Laser Protector LTD was indeed struck off and is available for viewing.)

2.  Even if the manufacturer of LPP Laser Pro Park was able to fix their problems they still don't have the capability to combat the threats of new guns in a timely manner.

The point is if you buy Laser Pro Park you're already buying an outdated laser jammer that doesn't jam several guns.

Above is a screen shot of the strike-off order by the UK Government.

LPP News Update!  Laser ProPark Canada & USA show first signs of bailing!

    It seems the American and Canadian distributor of Laser Pro Park are starting to show signs of breaking.  Looking at the post below, you can see Laser Protector's Pro Park isn't doing too hot globally.  The United Kingdom manufacturer can't hide from taxes, and the American and Canadian distributor can't hide from a growing consumer awareness that the LPP 'laser jammer' is no longer a jammer option for the educated.  KMPH Canada and KMPH USA have both started to sell a competing product known as the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter and Blinder M27/M47.  Why on earth would the distributor of Laser Pro Park carry a competing product if the LPP was 'financially healthy?'  Seems like Laser Pro Park is going under and both distributors know it.  How can you not see it coming? The Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter is an upgrade from the ZR3.  KMPH Canada and KMPH USA understand updates will come from a respected company like Escort.  It's disappointing Laser Pro Park's dealers are possibly phasing out the LPP for the ZR4 Shifter without telling their customers the real deal.  A dead company won't service your warranty or give you updates on future guns(not that Laser Protector ever gave updates in the first place.)

KMPH Canada(LPP Distributor) begins the process of jumping ship with the Escort ZR4 Shifter as a replacement?

Below is a real screen shot of the Canadian Distributor's attempt to step away from Pro Park Slowly.  Illustrations were added in.

Laser Protector's USA distributor follows the lead of KMPH Canada.

Can you imagine a Toyota dealership selling brand new Ford's and Honda's?  Exactly.  This is why it's so odd that a distributor of a specific brand is starting to carry a competing product line like the Blinder Xtreme M27/M47.  The timing totally matches up with everything we've been saying on Laser Jammer Tests for some time.  Kinda makes you wonder if both distributors are working together to liquidate old stock.  What will happen to the people who purchased the Laser Pro Park's and never got the update they were promised?  Will the consumers have to deal directly with the United Kingdom if both distributors severe ties with HQ?  Will US consumers have to pay international shipping charges?  Lots of questions need to be answered and brought up.


Legal Notice:  The illustrations above were posted for the purpose of criticism, comment, and news reporting.  This post is considered a blog by the author.  Theories regarding the future of KMPH LTD, Laser Protector LTD, KMPH Canada, and KMPH USA are purely the opinion of Laser Jammer Tests.