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Laser Interceptor laser jammer (vertical mount test)

The Laser Interceptor is manufactured in Croatia by a man known as "Ivan."  The only way to pay for this laser jammer is by wire transfer.


Laser jammer with voice alerts and semi-functional parking sensor.  The parking sensor automatically turns off after a few moments.  Park fast!

Laser Interceptor test results:

The test road is 1000 feet long.  The results below show where a speed reading 'punched through' on the course.  The jamming efficiency was calculated by subtracting the initial speed reading distance from the 1000 foot starting point.  For example, run #1 shows the car was invisible to laser up until 566 feet. 1000' -  566' = 434' of jamming.  434' of jamming would represent a jamming efficiency of 43.4% of the test track.

Run 1:  Speed reading at 566 feet.  43.4% Jam

Run 2:  Speed reading at 673 feet.  32.7% Jam

Run 3:  Speed reading at 454 feet.  54.6% Jam

Run 4:  Speed reading at 301 feet.  69.9% Jam

Run 5:  Speed reading at 292 feet.  70.8% Jam

Run 6:  Speed reading at 387 feet.  61.3% Jam

Run 7:  Speed reading at 83 feet.  91.7% Jam

Run 8:  Speed reading at 359 feet.  64.1% Jam

Run 9:  Speed reading at 944 feet.  5.6% Jam

Run 10:  Speed reading at 433 feet.  56.7% Jam

Run 11:  Speed reading 892 feet.  10.8% Jam

Run 12:  Speed reading at 891 feet.  10.9% Jam

Run 13:  Speed reading at 466 feet.  53.4% Jam

Speed readings were obtained at an average of 653 feet when targeting the center of the car.  Headlight targeting gave us an average speed reading at 303.4 feet.

Average plate shot efficiency -- 34.7%.

Average headlight shot efficiency -- 69.6%

Warranty complaints by consumers.  Lots of them.

The Laser Interceptor is one of the most controversial laser jammers on the market.  The USA dealer was and still is riddled by numerous defective unit complaints and oddly enough most complaints start as early as 2 months after purchase.  Users have been complaining about random "sunlight errors" at night or simply defective ports/transmitter heads.  The worst part about these reports is the USA dealer didn't honor the warranty.  Ivan pointed fingers and basically blamed everything on the USA dealer.  The USA dealer was then 'cut off' from Laser Interceptor and all the USA consumers with problem units had to ship product to Croatia.  How much shipping do you think that cost?  

Laser Interceptor 'Prototype' helped scam many consumers.
Laser Interceptor purposely made a 'juiced' up PROTOTYPE that never made it to production, however this was the plan all along.  The CEO of Laser Interceptor decided to make a jammer with 2X the normal laser diodes found in a jammer.  Of course if this concept were to make it onto the market it would cost the consumer an arm and a leg.  This wasn't the plan.  The plan was to get a group of guys to test the "prototype", get them all excited and then later sell them a washed down version of the prototype.  The retail version performs NOTHING like the prototype.  It contains 50% less transmitting hardware and in return the performance is hacked by 50% or more.  Laser Interceptor is the modern day snake oil salesman of the jammer industry.  They made a juiced product for commercials, all while selling the consumers a product that's nothing like the prototype.  Shame on Laser Interceptor.  Don't fall for there scam!

Do we recommend the Laser Interceptor?

NO.  It's one of the worst laser jammers on the market.  The unit jams only 34.7% of the time on the plate shots.  You're better off saving money for a traffic attorney.



Laser Interceptor screen shots taken from the video.

Laser Interceptor test video!  Watch everything how it happened.

New Laser Ally speed gun vs Laser Interceptor



NEWS:  Blinder sues Laser Interceptor in federal court!