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Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer (horizontal mount test)

 (Continued from the first Laser Interceptor test)

Quick results of the Horizontal mount test:

The test road is 1000 feet long.  The results below show where a speed reading 'punched through' on the course.  The jamming efficiency was calculated by subtracting the initial speed reading distance from the 1000 foot starting point.  For example, run #14 shows the car was invisible to laser up until 856 feet. 1000' -  856' = 144' of jamming.  144' of jamming would represent a jamming efficiency of 14.4% of the test track.

Run 14:  Speed reading at 856 feet.  14.4% Jam

Run 15:  Speed reading at 707 feet.  29.3% Jam

Run 16:  Speed reading at 884 feet.  11.6% Jam

Run 17:  Speed reading at 244 feet.  75.6% Jam

Run 18:  Speed reading at 614 feet.  38.6% Jam

Run 19:  Speed reading at 334 feet.  66.6% Jam

Run 20:  Speed reading at 711 feet.  28.9% Jam

Run 21:  Speed reading at 507 feet.  49.3% Jam

All speed readings were obtained when the gun operator shot center mass.  Look at the pictures below for the exact spot of 'punch-through.'


Overall Results

Speed readings were obtained at an average of 607.12 feet.  This means on average the jammer failed to jam speed readings once the car was with 607 feet from the gun.

Jamming efficiency of the Laser Interceptor = 39.2%

We tested the Laser Interceptor with a vertical mount.  It did horrible.  We tested the Laser Interceptor with a horizontal mount.  It still did horrible.  The Laser Interceptor is still one of the worst laser jammers on the market.

Do we recommend the Laser Interceptor?

NO.  The Laser Interceptor may not perform as advertised, but several other jammers on the market do perform well.  Do your homework.  Please refer to part 1 of the test to get the scoop on how Laser Interceptor scammed so many consumers with false promises and marketing.


Screen shots taken from the test video below.

Laser Interceptor Test Video

Laser Interceptor "LI" vs Laser Ally by Dragon Tech.



Laser Interceptor being sued by Blinder!

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