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Laser Elite Laser Jammer LE-X2 Review

The Laser Elite LE-X2 is a dual head laser diode jammer.  What makes this jammer different than the rest is the amount of photo diodes it's equipped with.  It's common knowledge that the number one ingredient in engineering a perfect jammer is infrared reception.  If you can't detect the officers LIDAR beam you can't fire off a jamming signal.  The #1 reason why low quality jammers fail is because it's too slow to detect the IR pulse signature.  The Laser Elite exploited this industry secret by going above and beyond the norm of reception.  The Laser Elite uses a quad tetrad shaped photo cluster for optimal IR detection.  Low to medium tier jammers use 1(Laser Pro Park) photo diode per transponder, whereas the LE(X1-X4) use 4 photo diodes per head!  4 to 1 is a serious hardware advantage.  The use of four photo diodes makes the Laser Elite the most sensitive jammer on the market.  Its anodized aluminum casing stops EMI interference(other jammers use plastic casings), rust, and allows the unit to be rock solid in durability for years.  The high speed processor allows the transponders to fire in the Mhz range if needed, which is absolutely impossible with the first generation Laser Star, Laser Pro Park, and AntiLaser ALG8 platforms.  The Laser Star Pro is the only other jammer that can compete on the same level as the Elite.  Both competing units use the same laser diode used in real police LIDAR guns, a GaAS 904/5 nm laser diode.  Diffusers that are found for half the price use LED's that emit less than 1/10th the spectral bandwidth a 904/5 nm diode produces.  If I had to make a decision on the best laser jammer I would have to make a draw between the Laser Elite and the Laser Star Pro.  Both kits work flawlessly, but the Laser Star Pro is cheaper.  It's definitely a toss up.  Check out the videos below.

Most who buy a laser jammer probably don't install their kits themselves, so the consumers are unaware of what a nightmare it can be to replace transponder heads if they're damaged, etc.  Dragging wire through a firewall of a Porche is exhausting for the installer and costly to the owner.  One fantastic simple solution the Laser Elite comes with is a weather sealed detachable transponder cable.  All units on the market with exception to the Laser Star Pro make it impossible to remove a faulty transponder unless you unplug the unit from the in-cabin control box.  This is costly problem for the owner because the installer will have to disect the car in order to get to the firewall again.  Laser Elite's detachable cable makes it possible to pull out a transponder head without removing the cable from the control box.  Warranty issues are easy, fast, and in 99% of cases a quick fix for the owner.  No need to spend 500 bucks to an installer to uninstall a dead head.  All models of the Laser Elite come with a 2 year warranty. 

You probably don't have time to watch an hour of test runs against this jammer.  Spoiler alert! - The LE-X2 on the BMW jammed all the laser guns to the gun without a single punch through.  Apparently the manufacturer found a good reason to spend extra money on additional photo diodes.  Bravo!

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