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Consumer Alert: Canadian Laser Pro Park dealer accepts money.  No jammer.  No refund.

It seems a few speeding motorists didn't heed my warning about buying a Laser Pro Park.  One individual by the name of "rbodor3" finally started to make a fuss about the non delivery of his laser jammer on the KMPH Canada forum.  The buyer goes on to say,

"...Ordered my first LPP over a month ago (6/20/09) and still have not yet received. Alex has been courteous to me throughout the entire process of waiting, but the fact remains that I was charged for the LPP the day I put in the order and a month later I'm still out ~$700 USD and nothing to show but an email dated Tuesday (6/21/09) that I would have more information today.

Alex - I have requested a full refund for the amount at this time until you get units in stock, in hand, at your location.

I'd have to agree that it is very unsettling the customer support from LPP, especially considering I spent a good amount of time researching and reading that the LPP was just the top jammer available."


 Source:  KMPH Canada Forum

    When I first read the public complaint I had a hard time believing Alex would outright screw someone.  My gut instinct was a 'shill/spammer' from the Laser Interceptor sales team was making false allegations.  I have a huge problem with KMPH LTD and Laser Pro Park as a company and product, however it was never Alex's(LPP Canada) style to scam anyone.  Some may call it a scam that Alex sold Laser Pro Park's to people in LTI Truspeed territory(USA/Canada) ,a police lidar gun the Pro Park can't jam, or maybe some would call it a scam that Alex continues to keep people on a string claiming the Truspeed 'fix' is near.  It's been over 1 year and Alex still hasn't delivered what he promised.

I decided to give Alex 48 hours to respond to this allegation.  I was expecting something like, "This is not true...blah blah blah."  To my surprise KMPH Canada admitted to taking the consumer's money, even when he did NOT have product in hand.  Why is the Laser Pro Park dealer taking money when they don't have anything to sell?  And even if they did have OLD stock who would want a jammer that doesn't jam 3+ guns?!

Alex responds to the unhappy customer,

"rbodor3's refund has been issued on the same day (July 23) we received the request. It takes a few days for Paypal to clear funding before it will show up as Paypal credits in the buyer's account.

If UK cannot deliver our goods, then we have nothing to deliver. We are out of stock at the moment."

     Let me get this straight.  KMPH takes the money on June 20, 2009.  30 days later  rbodor3's wondering where the hell his jammer is.  No communication, no tracking number, nothing.  Rbodor3's last resort was to stir up the pot on a public forum to ensure he got a refund.  This is absolutely crazy.  Alex was once known to be a dealer with great customer support.  Now he resorts to accepting money for product he doesn't have and keeping it until the customer complains that his laser jammer still hasn't arrived.  WTF?!


Tips to protect yourself from fraud

1.  Always pay for a laser jammer with a credit card.  If you don't receive product then file a charge back.

2.  Don't buy a laser jammer from a company that is having problems with the feds.  Expect no updates on your system if the feds shut the company down.  (I.E. Laser Protector LTD.  click here for the full story.)

3.  Only buy products from authorized dealers.

While it took 30+ days for Laser Pro Park Canada to resolve the non-deliverance complaint, Alex DID come through for the consumer only after he was put under the spotlight.  I can only imagine what the outcome of this complaint would have been if the customer wasn't computer savy enough to complain on a forum.  Would KMPH Canada ever acted to resolve the issue then?

Other news about KMPH Canada

On August 26th 2008 Alex finally responded to the massive complaints about LPP's inability to jam the LTI Truspeed(just one of the guns it can't jam) that's been out forever.  Alex responds,

"Laser Protector UK is fully aware of the growing concerns regarding the TruSpeed. They are working hard to obtain more "variants" of this gun. I've been pushing them hard to address the new threat and make it their priority. However, that's all the info I have for this public forum. More will be announced later."

Update:  As of July 24th, 2009 Laser Pro Park still can't jam that lidar gun.

Folks, if you're guying to buy a laser jammer it's best to invest in a company that doesn't take 2 years to give out updates.








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