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K40 Defuser Optix Review - A Brand New Platform from the Ground Floor Up

I received an exciting phone call from K40 Electronics.  It was an invitation to test a brand new laser jammer system engineered in the USA(not China!) to expand their Laser Defuser line.  I was intrigued because the beta unit was a complete overhaul from the LED platform that has served K40 well for so many years. I was asked to find any problems with the system, and to report them so customers would be free of any 'first run' bugs.  

I accepted the challenge and geek'd out for hours on end.  I wanted to find issues and I especially wanted to discover any possible Easter Egg's.  I think on this review I went a little overboard with investigative time.

Let's get started on what's new. 

Defuser Optix comes standard with dual heads and laser diodes!

The first thing you'll notice about the Defuser Optix is how many transponders you get standard.  You no longer have to shell out the extra money to upgrade to a dual head system.  And now that you have two heads, it means you don't have to mount your only transponder over the license plate like the old days.  Now you can install your system like a pro and properly place the transponders half way between the headlights and license plate.  I'm going to touch base with this topic a little later in the review.

I screamed, you screamed, and we all got laser beams!  K40 decided to offer the latest in jamming technology by switching to real laser diodes for the new Optix system.  Police LIDAR guns use laser diodes, so it only makes sense to fight fire with fire. Remember when Blinder switched over from LED's and the MSRP of the new system shot up?  You won't have sticker shock with K40's Optix. K40 will continue to sell the Defuser g5 model because while laser diodes offer the latest jamming technology, they can produce jam codes on the gun display. Don't draw attention to yourself folks even if you live in a state where jammers are completely legal.  Be responsible and  always turn your jammer off as soon as you drop down to the posted speed limit.  An officer won't suspect you have a jammer if he or she can't get a speed reading for a couple seconds.  State troopers will target other cars as soon as they get your speed and you should allow them to see you've been driving the speed limit the entire time right ;-) With great power comes great responsibility.  

Do you notice how you can see the circuit board inside the transponders? To the naked eye, the outer casing is black because visible light is blocked.  K40 purposely chose to use an infrared transmissible plastic like Lexan or Perspex so IR can pass through the outer walls to hit the photo diodes.  This makes detection better!  IR light doesn't flow through aluminum like other jammers on the market.

Smaller is better. No puns I promise.  

Pull your tape measure out of the toolbox. Now walk over to the front of your car and measure the grille gaps.  No matter what vehicle you have, the transponder heads will have to fit in these gaps.  It's far easier to install a jammer if the transponder heads are tiny.  K40 Defuser Optix is now one of the smallest and easiest jammers to install on your car or truck.  And if you don't have installation expertise under your belt that's what a K40 Authorized Installer is for.  You have better things to do playing Pokemon Go.

Put your phone down.  

K40 Guarantees You Won't Get a Speeding Ticket.  Here Are the Test Results.  

The data speaks for itself, but let me clarify a few things.  When was the last time you shipped your car to Europe or Asia so you could drive it around?  K40 is based in the US and while that's their primary distribution focus, they also have representation in Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand.  While they make no claims about jamming international LIDAR guns, I used a Chinese laser gun that's not even used in or certified for the US.  I purposely tested the Optix against this undisclosed gun model because I wanted to see how it performed against unknown pulse rates.  The IACP approves LIDAR units in advance before departments can even think about buying new guns and this list is open to the public.  I know K40 regularly checks this list in order to stay ahead of the game.  K40 is the only laser jammer company in the USA with a speeding ticket guarantee for North America.


Bottom Line: highly recommends the Defuser Optix as your go-to laser jammer for North America. is not an authorized dealer of K40 in any way.  Please direct all installation questions to your local authorized K40 dealer.

New Defuser Optix Won't Annoy You in the City!  Impressive False Alert Suppression Filtering!  

Xjx3sWxhCccVideo Demo #1:  Defuser Optix is tested against a well known laser tester simulator utilizing an IR LED modulating at 200 PPS, the same rate used by the Kustom Prolaser 3.  Optix is able to filter out the false IR LED source from the real source.  The laser tester alerted the Whitlser radar detector, but the K40 Defuser Optix stayed silent because it wasn't a real LIDAR threat.  I don't know of any other laser jammer that does this.  I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  I consider this an Easter egg from all my testing because K40 Electronics didn't tell me anything about its filtering capabilities.

kjBmTXfR1HkVideo Demo #2:  This second video further demonstrates K40's ability to recognize and alert to real LIDAR threats only so you don't pull your hair out with constant false laser alerts.  The Defuser Optix alerted to the Truspeed S and stayed silent to an unknown 905nm Chinese laser gun not used in the USA.