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Cheetah C100 GPS Camera Detector

While this site is geared mostly around laser jammers, I like sticking it to the man.  Photo radar/laser speed and red light camera enforcement is awful.  One Monday you'll let your friend borrow the truck.  On Saturday you get a red light camera ticket in the mail.  WTF is that all about right?  You weren't even driving the vehicle.  This is the problem with photo enforcement in general.  Tickets go to the wrong people half the time.  While I'm very much against running red lights, I believe tickets should be issued by a constable(Constable On Patrol.)  Yes, that's indeed where the term 'Cop' came from.  Getting back on topic.  The Cheetah C100 looks like a radar detector, feels like a radar detector, but really it's all GPS.  This 100% legal device in all 50 states alerts the driver to photo speed and red light camera traps.  The C100 has a database full of camera locations, much like a GPS navigation system in your car.  Sure you should be paying attention to your speed and not blowing through red lights....but who doesn't want another beeping mechanism in their car?  I secretly want to be James Bond....and so do you.

 You can read more about the Cheetah C100 GPS Camera Detector by visiting the manufacturer.

 Below are a few videos that do a better job of explaining this nifty device.


 The news video on the right was put together by the Cheetah team.  The video on the left is a demo video by Don Norton, an enthusiast of the countermeasure industry and USA distributor for Cheetah USA in Arizona.

Joking aside about red light cameras.....naw.  Lets not put it aside.  Watch this clip below :-) wP7U5EfWw-Q


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