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Lawsuit Filed:  Blinder International vs. Laser Interceptor USA

UPDATE:  February 2013 - Blinder and Laser Interceptor have settled out of court.  The terms of the settlement haven't been disclosed. 

     On the 25th of August, 2009 Blinder International, manufacturer of the M27/M47 Xtreme ,filed suit in federal court against Clifford M. Crane.  Cliff Crane is the owner and operator of Laser Interceptor USA.  For a while Blinder has threatened people and companies about this kind of legal action, but nobody seemed to heed the warning.  Blinder International's patent specifically talks about 'look up tables' and 'generic jamming' algorithms.  These two patented technologies are used to defeat police speed laser guns in a stealthy way(less jam codes).  It's a well known fact that Laser Interceptor uses a 'look up table' and generic jamming, specifically cited many times by Cliff and Ivan on numerous venues.

Laser Interceptor promises and warranties.  Will they last?

If you're thinking about purchasing a Laser Interceptor you should think about one thing. 

1.  Will you still have warranty service and updates if Cliff has to abide by a cease and desist order from the court? (USA only) 

 Indirect patent infringement warning to consumers

     The lawsuit cited above doesn't have a ruling yet.  Be forewarned that if Blinder International wins in New York, any person or company that imports the patent infringing device, whether it be for 'warranty service' or 'updates', will be directly responsible for knowingly importing an infringing device into the country.  Such an act is punishable in civil court due to indirect patent infringement.  It could take several years for this lawsuit to be over with, but the question you want to worry about getting sued if Laser Interceptor loses?  It's simply not worth the trouble and risk in my opinion.

Litigation details in regards to Blinder's patent suit

RFC Case Number: P-B09-7450L
Court Case Number: 1:09-cv-07450-BSJ
File Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Plaintiff: Blinder International
Plaintiff Counsel: David Leichtman, Edward W. Bailey of Lovells LLP
Defendant: Laser Interceptor USA
Clifford M. Crane
Cause: 35:145 Patent Infringement
Court: New York Southern District Court

Barbara S. Jones

Why did Blinder choose Lovells LLP to sue Laser Interceptor?  One of the largest firms perhaps?

"Lovells is one of the largest international business legal practices, with over three thousand people operating from 27 offices in Europe, Asia and the United States."

Something tells me Blinder isn't f*cking around anymore.


Anti-Laser bails from the USA.  Were they next in line for the lawsuit?