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Blinder finally files with the IPO UK for trademark rights

Torben Bøgh-Andersen is the manufacturer of the world renown Blinder laser jammer.  The newest model is the M27 and M47 Xtreme model.  Even though Blinder has been around for many years, it seems Torben finally decided to get legal in the UK and file for trademark rights.  I'm not aware of anyone using the Blinder name in the UK, but I am aware of Laser Interceptor getting sued for patent infringement in the USA.

Case details for Community Trade Mark E8549149

Explanation of terms used on this page


Mark text:


UK case status:
New application
Original language:
Second language:
09, 37, 39, 42

Relevant dates

Filing date:
15 September 2009
Publication date:
09 November 2009

List of goods or services

Class 09:
Data processing equipment and computers; computer programs; computer software; computer hardware; components and peripherals for computers; lasers, not for medical use; distance-measuring apparatus; radar apparatus; optical sensor; monitors [computer hardware]; laser diode; light-emitting diode; microprocessor; receivers (audio- and video-); transmitters of electronic signals; transmitters of optical signals; transmitter of laser signals; global positioning system [gps].
Class 37:
Installation services; maintenance and repair of computer hardware.
Class 39:
Global positioning system [GPS] navigation services.
Class 42:
Design and development of computer hardware and software; computer data (recovery of -); computer programming; computer software design; installation of computer software; maintenance of computer software; updating of computer software; design (computer system-).

Names and addresses

Blinder International v/ Torben Bøgh-Andersen
Industrivej 51F, Roskilde, Denmark, 4000
Langebrogade 4, Copenhagen K, Denmark, 1411

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