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FAQ: What should I buy? Antilaser Priority or Laser Interceptor 8.15?

Posted on May 12, 2014 at 9:05 AM

You're on a car forum and it's obvious who the fan boys are in the Laser Interceptor camp and who are in love with the Antilaser Priority.  I'm not a member of any of those forums, nor do I sell either system.  You want to know from an unbiased source which one you'd go with.  My official answer is Antilaser Priority over Laser Interceptor any day of the week, especially since LI 8.15 raised prices to $699.  I actually think Laser Interceptor is now one of the worst jammers on the market(read my past blogs about Stalker X series, LTI LRB, and Dragon.) 

I'm not a fan boy for AntiLaser Priority, but I do recommend it over Laser Interceptor.  This is my official position.  This doesn't mean I don't recommend other laser jammers.  It just means if I have to pick between the two I would choose ALP as of 5/12/14.


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