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Hypocrit 'reviewers' on Laser Interceptor stay silent

Posted on April 29, 2009 at 5:48 AM

    There is a certain group *cough cough GOL* that loves Laser Interceptor.  When they're not pretending to be independent laser jammer reviewers, they're busy(mostly Steve) blowing smoke up Laser Interceptor's arse.  You're probably asking yourself why a group who claims to be free of bias hides certain truths.  Simple. They're always getting free product or special attention.

    Two guys specifically, Rob and Steve, complain about other jammers reliability and performance.  They'll get on car forums and spread a bunch of lies here and there.  "Laser Pro Park has quality control issues blah blah blah."  While this is true about Laser Pro Park having alot of problems, it troubles me that these two clowns don't keep the sword sharp on both sides.  I speak the truth when I say Rob and Steve have both gone through at least 2-3 Laser Interceptor transponder.  Yes folks, the transponders broke that many times.  I made an announcement a long time ago about Laser Interceptor's build quality issues.  Some forum members would make fun of my consumer alerts, but you know what?  I was right all along. 

    The peddlers of Laser Interceptor, Rob and Steve, have both experienced LI's true colors.  The LI may jam okay, however who wants to replace transponder heads every 2 months because they keep on breaking?  Not me.  Spend $150 - $300.00 on an install and you'll quickly get tired of LI's heads dying.

    CrazyRob and HappySteve should post in their biased forum what's really going on with them.  Tell the world about how you've gone through several jammer transponders, but refuse to post anything about it because you're afraid Cliff won't give you new heads.  The youtube video below demonstrates Laser Interceptor's poor ability to seal out water.  Water = failure.  A wet circuit board is going to short everything out.

     At about 0:17 you'll see the brand new transponders intaking water. Keep in mind the people who made this video is an Interceptor dealer. They have no reason to lie.

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