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Escort unloading old ZR3 Laser Shifter jammer stock for cheap.

Posted on April 27, 2009 at 5:19 AM

Escort is practically giving away laser jammers at $250.00

Radar detector(Escort Passport) and Laser Shifter manufacturer, Escort, is offloading a ton of older stock.  The ZR3 Laser Shifter once sold for $450.00, but now you can buy them at what dealers used to pay for them.  $250.00 bucks!  The Escort ZR3 Laser jammer is an LED based laser jammer just like the Blinder Xtreme M20/M40 and K40 Defuser EX.  It comes with 2 front transponders and one license plate mounted rear transponder.  One man, Erickonphoenix, has over 16 confirmed saves from a LIDAR/Laser speeding ticket with his Shifter.  It was only until recently that Eric received a LIDAR citation.   Escort no longer makes the ZR3 Laser Jammer/Shifter because it was phased out for new and improved ZR4 Shifter by Cincinnati Microwave(Escort Rebrand)

If the Escort ZR3 Shifter is an outdated jammer should I buy one at the liquidation price?

Answer:  You'd be stupid not to buy it at this price.  The Escort Shifter may be outdated, but it still jams many of the lidar guns still in use today.  Laser Atlanta Speed Laser in stealth mode and Stalker Lidar guns eat the ZR3 shifter up, however the new LTI Truspeed(200.3Hz) is easily neutralized by Escort's older laser jammer.  Think of the Shifter as a good back up laser jammer.  This recession is hurting all consumers.  If you don't have hundreds of dollars to plunk down on an expensive jammer, the ZR3 will serve you well.  How much money has the Shifter saved Erick in Phoenix?  Thousands of dollars in speeding tickets.

For more information on the blowout sale at Escort you can visit the manufacturer directly by clicking here.

Please take notice that the Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter doesn't do well against the Stalker LIDAR gun, nor does it even detect the Laser Atlanta Speed Laser in stealth mode.   The Escort laser jammer should be used as a bare bones back up system only.  Consider upgrading to a more advanced system when you have the funds.   Enjoy the drive.  Shift away!

- Chris

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