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For Sale: Kustom Signals Prolaser IV. Finally

Posted on July 18, 2011 at 1:08 PM

If you keep up with my site you'll know I like to post patents of new products, etc.  Kustom Signals finally put the PL4 on there website, a LIDAR gun that looks like it's made to take names(kinda like the Laser Ally.)  The Kustom Prolaser 4 is touted to have a faster processor, a smaller beam width(2.5 milirads), a comfortable pistol grip, and a range of 8000 feet!  Many laser jammer hobbyists believed the Prolaser IV wouldn't come out until an anti-jam software was released with it.  I've read teh specs and marketing material and Kustom Signals claims nothing of the sort its new LIDAR gun has anti-jamming capability.  When I look at the Prolaser 4 I notice the OLED display, forward slant grip like the Laser Ally, and the.....oh wait nothing else.  I personally love the PL3 because it's easy to shoot, but if this PL4 is nothing more than a makeup job I'd rather save my money and get a Prolaser 3, Laser Atlanta Torch, or the new LTI Truspeed S.

You can check out the new Prolaser 4 here:


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