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Laser Atlanta releases new jammer algorithms in level 4 software

Posted on September 28, 2010 at 8:18 AM

IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/12/2010:  Scott Patterson, CEO of DragonEye Technology, LLC was kind enough to inform me that my guess work on Laser Ally's anti-jammer software is infact not what I presumed.  Mr. Patterson issued the following statement below in regards to my blog post:

“The anti-jamming technology developed and used in the LaserAlly LIDAR is proprietary to DragonEye Technology, LLC and is not licensed to or from any third party. We can understand how the timing of certain software upgrades from others might have lead to uncertainty on this issue. I would like to thank Chris and LaserJammerTests for allowing us to address the issue.  Digital Ally is the exclusive distributor of the Laser Ally."

Scott Patterson


DragonEye Technology, LLC

5680 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite 149


The laser jammer companies have been freaking out over the new Laser Ally speed gun because it's the latest gun to be jammer proof, however Laser Ally may have bought the licensing from Laser Atlanta.  In a short period of time after Digital Ally released its new LIDAR gun, Laser Atlanta issued a press release for the new LEVEL 4 automatic upgrades on their R, B, and S SpeedLaser models.  The new guns look the same, however the LIDAR manufacturer claims the following written below: *Please see update to the blog post above.  The text above crossed out isn't accurate according to DragonEye Tech.


Laser Atlanta Upgrades Its SpeedLaser® Models

Norcross, GA (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

Laser Atlanta, LLC announced improvements to its product line that contain several upgrades in hardware, software, and feature sets to develop the current “Level 4” SpeedLaser. These enhancements are now available on every model offered including the S (standard), B (binocular), and R (rugged).

The new and advanced improvements include:

1. HUD (heads-up display) that auto rotates in a horizontal or vertical position depending on operation and HUD optics with newly designed combiner.

2. HUD display which indicates speed, range, or both.

3. An all-inclusive logic processor with additional RAM, ROM, and a more user friendly interface.

4. New firmware/software upgrades which include:

a. Following to Close™ special “tail gating” software that measures distance between vehicles.

b. New Stealth Mode™ operation that is undetectable by most laser jammers.

c. New jammer algorithms to anticipate newly designed laser detectors.

5. New updated CPU board which supports our high resolution encoder.

6. New CPU board which supports the Dual Access HUD.

7. Optional improved video camera (SpeedProof™ Evidence Recorder) with 2X the amount of zoom and brighter picture.

8. Optional wireless Bluetooth® technology with its patented methodology.

9. Optional 9V battery handle with disposable or rechargeable 9V batteries and wall charger.

10. Service support now includes “while you wait” annual certifications and 48 hour turnaround policy for repairs.

Laser Atlanta is the original developer of the SpeedLaser LIDAR based speed detection technology and has thousands of units in force throughout the world. The enhanced Level 4 models now have the most advanced technology available in the market today at a price that affordably enables law enforcement agencies to provide the technology to their entire fleet.

Laser Atlanta developed and launched the Level 4 enhancements after extensive research and investment in technology applying the latest available developments in LIDAR and optics.

Laser Atlanta’s management stated, “We are delighted to be able to offer these new technologies, features and upgrades. Our speed detector product line excels in the industry as the fastest, reaching out the farthest and being the most feature rich. Additionally, our products have the best maintenance ‘total cost of ownership’ in the industry. Laser Atlanta products are superior in reliability, accuracy, value and service excellence.”

Other advantages of the SpeedLaser include:

•Patented true speed accuracy validation technology with the highest quality courtroom credibility and outstanding range (up to 7,000 feet/2,133 meters)

•Rugged housing manufactured out of GE Lexan®

•Jammer detection

•Automated daily test

•Available Bluetooth wireless technology

•Dot and crosshair HUD, RS232 data output

•International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) listed

SpeedLasers are designed and manufactured in the USA with low cost software upgrades available to law enforcement and the best warranty in the industry. The R and S models have an available 8x user installable monocular scope and USB/SD storage. The R model has video capture options as well as print and photo evidence capabilities.

About Laser Atlanta

Since 1989, Laser Atlanta has been one of the leading innovators in the design, manufacture and sale of LIDAR products. We use our unique laser platform to provide ranging solutions for the military and civil engineering community. Since 1991, Laser Atlanta has been the trendsetter for LIDAR speed detection devices for law enforcement. With the fastest acquisition time, longest range and proprietary Stealth Mode™, SpeedLasers produce tickets that stick even against drivers using jammers. With three models from which to choose, the best warranty in the business and all-weather use, SpeedLaser LIDAR is the World’s Best for the World’s Finest™. Visit for more information.

SpeedLaser® and Laser Atlanta are registered trademarks of Laser Atlanta, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



Contact Information

Kris Maure

Laser Atlanta, LLC

770-446-3866 ext. 140



Digital Ally is the exclusive distributor of the Laser Ally.  Digital Ally is the exclusive distributor of the Laser Ally.”

Scott Patterson


DragonEye Technology, LLC

5680 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite 149

Norcross, GA 30093

Thank you Mr. Patterson for taking the time out of your busy day to set the record straight.  I invite DragonEye to contact me anytime regarding any editorial writings that may not be accurate.

- Chris webmaster



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