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Laser Interceptor 8.14 problems with LTI 20-20 LRB and Stalker XLR

Posted on February 3, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Anonymous Tipster Exposes More Possible Problems With Laser Interceptor's 8.14 Firmware.

  1. Stalker XLR - Instant speed reading due to new gun firmware
  2. LTI 20-20 LRB - Jamming algo may produce higher speed reading than what you're actually travelling at!
  3. TruSpeed S - Jamming becomes difficult below 300 feet.

Yesterday evening I received an email from a person who wishes to remain anonymous.  This person is clearly an advanced user.  I'll call him Bob in this blog.  Bob wanted me to be aware that the Laser Interceptor 8.14 has more serious issues than the DragonEye Compact problems I wrote about.

"Chris, The laser interceptor 8.14 can't jam the stalker xlr" - Bob

"Is it a vpr gun?" - Me (I knew it wasn't a VPR gun but it didn't make sense to me why a fixed pulse rate frequency would be a problem to jam)

"No. Same pulse rate. Just different firmware that ignores the LI jamming pulses. Same pulse rate as the other stalkers. It will alert but get an instant PT.  Also the LI doesn't jam the Truspeed S under 300 feet.  "

"Damn. Now i have to buy another gun . Are you Raletc?"

"No. Just someone who is tired of the lies.  If you test the 8.14 vs LRB you will sometimes get some crazy speed readings. The car may be going 30 mph and sometimes you will get readings that it is going 70mph.  How do you do your HUD videos?"

"Just a regular flip camcorder. The typical camcorders are too hard to deal with. I always wondered about the LRB issue. I heard there was an issue but i didn't know what exactly it was. Do you know if the stalker XS has the same firmware? Those xlr's are spendy."

"I am not 100% sure. The xlr has better range so you are probably going to get more PTs with the xlr compared to then xs.  How do you attach the flip to the HUD?"

"I don't have a mount. I hold it up to the HUD. This is why the camera isn't as steady as I'd like it. The truspeed s is by far the most difficult to film through as I'm sure you know."

"It is the magnification that makes it hard."

As of right now these tips must be verified.  I can't confirm them just yet.  I'll be able to test the Laser Interceptor against the Truspeed S to see if the punches are frequently happening below 300 feet.

Stay tuned and thank you "BOB" for the developing story this will become.

- Chris



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