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New K40 G5 Laser Defuser tested

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 7:05 PM

I was finally able to sit down for a few hours to knock out my latest review of the K40 Laser Defuser G5.  The unit was tested lab style with an infrared camera and also road tested.  The G5 performed better than expected and is actually the first laser jammer on the market to alert to all VPR guns in my tests.   The most surprising part of my test was how the G5 could detect and jam the Truspeed S, however in the same lab style test you could see how the ZR4 completely failed against this gun.  The whole review is pretty lengthy and you can read about it here, but if you want to watch the best test you can see it below.  It's important to note that no laser jammer on the market, including the K40 G5 Defuser, can jam the DragonEye Compact ECCM, however the G5 can detect this special pulse rate when the Laser Interceptor 8.14 can not. 

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