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Valentine One Tested against DragonEye Compact and Truspeed S.

Posted on January 9, 2014 at 1:00 PM

My newest Valentine One with Savvy just showed up.  Everything was packaged super tight as usual.  I ran to my room to get the Truspeed S and DragonEye Compact.  My preliminary test results with other detectors laser detection have been pretty surprising, but not so with the V1.  Mike's magnesium shelled bogey searcher successfully alerted to the variable pulse rate mode, it's fixed pulse rate mode, and alerted to the Truspeed S as well without any problems.  To date this makes only the Whistler "Dragon-Detectors" like the CR85/CR90 and the Valentine One capable of detecting all pulse rates.  I will have videos of all these tests, but Ihave to wait for my firewire to usb adapter to show up because my Sony IR Handycam only has a firewire out and my new HP laptop doesn't have this port.  Stay tuned for laser jammer and radar detector original content explosion!

UPDATE 1/13/14 - Escort Passport Max - Thumbs up!  Same results as the V1.

V1 results:

1. DragonEye Compact Fixed Rate Mode - Alert

2. DragonEye Compact Variable Pulse Rate mode(ECCM) - Alert

3. LTI Truspeed S - Alert

Valentine One and the Whistler 'Dragon Detectors' (the box has to specifically say it detects LaserAlly) move all the way to the top for my favorite detectors.  I do NOT sell these.  Please visit the respective manufacturers for a dealer near you.


- Chris

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