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Radar forum testing group making fake videos of the ZR4 Shifter against the LTI Truspeed S

Posted on January 8, 2014 at 12:10 AM

A certain group of individuals that are apart of a radar forum made a FAKE video of the Laser Technology LTI Truspeed S being jammed by the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter.  I want to reach out to that group publically and allow them to come clean about their fraudulent test.  Maybe they made the video because Escort Inc is a "preferred vendor" on there site?  In any case I'm giving this group a couple of days to email me an explanation of why they made this fake test because I will prove to the consumer community this was a faked ZR4 capability video.   The Escort ZR4 Shifter does not jam the Truspeed S.  This 'unbiased' testing group should make a formal apology for duping 500+ viewers, but in all honestly I'm not surprised by their actions because a banned member of their old group spilled the beans on everything and it's all copied to PDF's.  This group has an agenda and it's clear when a certain administrator of the forum bans people who talk poorly of Laser Interceptor.  The laser jammer industry is about to change because of a certain LIDAR manufacturer called DragonEye Technology.  The truth is here unfortunately and laser jammers aren't what they used to be.  It's truly a shame that forum members and 'testers' knowingly make false claims about a laser jammer they're in bed with just so they can get discounts. 

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