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Laser Interceptor Firmware 8.14 unable to jam DragonEye

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 2:55 PM

Preliminary bench testing results of the Laser Interceptor 8.14 Firmware against the DragonEye Compact:

Non-ECCM mode - Laser Interceptor alerts to the pulse rate

ECCM mode enabled(anti-jam mode) - Laser Interceptor FAILS to alert to variable pulse rate.

What does this mean to the laser jammer community?   It's now 12/11/13 and the latest firmware doesn't even recognize the anti-jam pulse rate from the DragonEye Compact.  You won't get a beep, a siren, or "unknown gun" alert.  While the jammer is silent the police officer is easily reading your speed in real time.  This is further evidence that Laser Interceptor USA is unable to acquire law enforcement grade guns OR they're faking videos all together.  The LI will infact detect the non-ECCM  pulse rate, but the minute an officer switches to anti-jam mode the driver is unaware they're even being targeted.  Laser Interceptor USA is flat out scamming consumers if they're claiming DragonEye Compact law enforcement grade firmwares can be jammed.  It's simply not entirely true. 

I saw a video of the gun being jammed.  How is this possible?  If you switch the gun to non-ECCM mode it's easy to jam the gun, but if you turn on the anti-jam function this is another story.  This is very misleading to the consumers and it's not surprising I have to issue another consumer alert.

CONSUMER ALERT - Laser Interceptor fails against ECCM-VPR DragonEye Compact Law Enforemcent Grade Firmware.

What jammer does jam this gun?  - NONE.  I have not found a single laser jammer that can counter this pulse rate  Not a single one.  Anyone who tells you the gun can be jammed is a scam artist.  

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