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Laser Jammer Review - Test results of Laser Interceptor and Laser Pro Park

Posted on July 10, 2008 at 7:15 AM

Test Car:  Black Toyota Camry '07

Laser Interceptor and Laser Pro Park are both laser diode based jammers.  Both units also have a parking sensor feature, a marketing ploy first brought out by Laser Pro Park.  Selling a parking sensor that also jams police lidar guns is a brilliant move for consumers.  If you get pulled over have no fear.  "It's only a parking sensor officer." 

When we first tested the Laser Interceptor dual head unit it failed miserably against the Stalker lidar gun.  Punch throughs were so horrible we didn't even need to test it further.  If a laser jammer fails against one gun used in your local area it's a complete failure.  Many of the fan boys of Laser Interceptor claimed we had outdated software on the LI.  Our main concern was why Laser Interceptor would sell a jammer with crappy software in the first place.  We took a look at the criticism and decided to purchase a brand new unit and see if our results would change.

Laser Interceptor (Dual head unit)

Take a look at our first test results of the Laser Interceptor here.  Our second test showed a drastic improvement against the Stalker compared to our previous test.  LI yielded an average punch through of 171.7 feet.  It was like we had a completely different jammer.  Laser Atlanta was an impressive 123' average punch through and the Kustom Prolaser III had a hard time getting a reading most of the time.  The PL3 was only able to get a speed reading when the car was as close as 21 feet.

Considering the massive improvement Laser Interceptor has made, we at have determined a "JA-3" approval is in order.

I want to make something very clear about our approval of the Laser Interceptor.  LI has clearly updated their software and yielded better results.  We are granting our approval based on the technical performance ONLY.  Laser Interceptor still concerns us about the quality control and group buy fiascos.  Be warned!  Never buy a Laser Interceptor with a wire transfer or debit card.  Always use a credit card just incase anything goes wrong.  LI's are made in Croatia and they've had a seriously bad track record of defective units and slow customer service.  Always protect yourself when dealing with out of country companies.

Summary: 91.2% Overall Jam

Stalker Lidar - 171' average punch through

Laser Atlanta - 123.1' average punch through

Kustom ProLaser 3 - 21.2' average punch through

STATUS:  Team JA-3 Approved

Laser Pro Park (Dual head unit w/100pps fix)

The Laser Pro Park jammer has been around for a little while.  This unit was originally developed by Anti-Laser, but not anymore.  Laser Pro Park had a break up with Anti-Laser and decided to go their own way.  Since the break up Laser Pro Park hasn't really done much but sit around.  They take an eternity to develop anything new and on top of that they're overpriced.  The Laser Pro Park didn't do as well as the Laser Interceptor.

Laser Pro Park yielded an average punch though of 243' with the Stalker Lidar, 140' with the Laser Atlanta, and 86.5' with the Kustom ProLaser 3.  LPP's overall jam was 86.5% with an overall punch average of 161.3'

While I hate to approve anything from a company that's slow, overpriced, and seemingly incapable of new developements, the Laser Pro Park faired well in our test.  On a technical basis only we approve the Laser Pro Park for USA jamming only.

Laser ProPark Summary: 86.5% Overall Jam

Stalker Lidar - 243' average punch through

Laser Atlanta - 140.2' average punch through

Kustom ProLaser 3 - 109.5' average punch through

STATUS:  Team JA-3 Approved (USA only)



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