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Laser Interceptor version 8.13 vs Laser Ally(Dragon Eye).

Posted on April 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM

4/14/2013 - Laser Interceptor version 8.13 vs Laser Ally(Dragon Eye).

Scott Patterson, CEO of DragonEye Technology, LLC, wrote the following to me 4/16/13.

"Don't know for sure but I believe a lot of these "testers" were using Laser Ally / DragonEye units with commercial (non law enforcement grade) software. Units sold for known non-law enforcement applications don't get the fully certified law enforcement software. Speed accuracy is of course just as good but the anti-jamming software is not the same. See below. The situation has been like this for a long time now." - Scott Patterson

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Mr. Patterson brings up an interesting topic. We know that Laser Ally has many software versions and we're also aware of the new Laser Ally Compact model that came out not too long ago which retails around $1700.00. Does the Laser Interceptor jam even the older Laser Ally's? According to the CEO of DragonEye's email above, one can't totally be for sure because Digital Ally is the distributor for the LIDAR guns. One could argue that a private person like myself could simply have their sherriff buddy acquire one without DragonEye knowing. The Laser Interceptor in the test video above is version 8.13 and it completely fails to jam the gun. Not good! Another website on Google would probably say the Interceptor is now obsolete if they didn't have a financial interest in selling them. I personally trust Scott Patterson's test video, but I can't validate his claim of different software versions being used for different markets. Scott even admitted that he doesn't know for sure. So where is the truth? Does the Laser Interceptor fail against a commercial software, law enforcement software, both, or did DragonEye just make another software version for the video to prove a point? The LI has been shown to jam this gun before by independent testers much like the Laser Elite has. The ultimate question becomes, 'Which DragonEye software versions are being tested?" Those who have the guns don't want to disclose the version numbers because of fear the software will be updated. LaserAlly will always have the one-up because a jammers response is always reactive, not proactive. Are you a purchasing agent for your police department? I highly recommend the LTI Truspeed S and Laser Ally Compact.

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