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New law around the corner in Iowa. Laser jammers to become illegal.

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 5:05 AM

Even though Rocky Mountain Radar Scrambers/Jammers don't work, the lawmakers in Iowa passed laws that banned radar jamming devices.  Jamming police radar guns is already a Federal offence in all 50 states.  Trust me when I say none of those so called radar scamblers don't work.  Iowa isn't stopping at radar because laser defense is now on the attack.  A bill passed by the House made it out of a Senate subcommittee with an amendment.  Manufacturers of laser jammers don't have to close up shop(not that any of the manufacturers reside in that state anyway) under the amendment, but they will be prohibited from selling devices within the state.  I'm glad the legislators can have their cake and eat it too.  Ban laser jammers, but still allow the state to collect corporate taxes on the jammer manufacturers if they ever move to Iowa.  Nice.

Most of the laser jammers manufactured today like the Blinder HP 905, Laser Interceptor, Laser Elite, and Antilaser Alg9 are sold as "parking sensors" to get around these laws.   Escort's ZR4 Laser Shifter and K40's new G5 Laser Defuser have the option to turn off the jamming mechanism while keeping the laser detection operational.  I never condone breaking any laws, but if someone did want to get a laser jammer they should consider buying a jammer that doesn't produce jam codes.  Most laser guns have jam codes with exception to the Kustom Prolaser 3.  The Laser Ally manufactured by Dragon and sold by Digital Ally have an entire marketing campaign boasting anti-jammer software in their line up of guns.

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