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Official retraction to an older blog post about Steve aka "happy"

Posted on November 3, 2009 at 2:55 AM

On April, 29th 2009, I wrote a blog about a few laser jammer "testers" not disclosing the whole truth about their Laser Interceptor transponder failures.  I spoke about one person in particular that goes by the name of "happyA$$."  Shortly after I wrote that blog I received an email from Steve saying my source was incorrect and that he wasn't the one who had returned his heads numerous times.  At the time I believed my source was more credible than HappyA$$ on that topic, especially since it was an embarrassing blog about himself.  I've had alot of time to think about Steve's claim and I can say in good faith that I believe him.  It's now my personal opinion that my source added Steve's name accidentally, OR I possibly misinterpreted the info on Steve.  I was able to verify my claim against Rob with mutliple sources, but with Steve I could only get one.  Since Steve told me man-to-man my claim wasn't true, and I only had one source to go back on, I hearby retract my claim on Steve/HappyA$$.  Rob(CrazyVolvoRob) on the other hand is still guilty as fu*k. 











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