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AntiLaser USA hides from Blinder International Patent Lawsuit?

Posted on September 7, 2009 at 7:22 AM

Anti-Laser USA runs from Blinder International patent attorney's? 


     On September 4th, it was discovered that Blinder International was sueing Laser Interceptor for alleged patent infringement.  Since that time, AntiLaser USA, the distributor of the ALG9/ALG8 multi-purpose laser jammer has deleted most of the content on their website( The only remains of the site is a link to AntiLaser's Croatian HQ website. We can only speculate about the timing of this website change, but one could assume that Antilaser decided to pull the plug after they found out a federal lawsuit was filed against Laser Interceptor for patent infringement.


Is AntiLaser's ALG9 laser jammer an IP right violation of Torben Bøgh-Andersen's patent?

     According to Blinder International's May 2002 patent application(10/138036), several points are made that are similar to AntiLaser's product, one specifically, a 'look up table' in the software.  Below is an excerpt of the patent app details:

"a database operatively connected to the microprocessor and having stored reference values for the first frequency of at least some of a number of known monitor signals, [Note: This is the look up table] and for each of the reference values also having stored in the database a corresponding value for the second frequency of the jamming signal, an optical receiver for receiving the monitor signal, an monitor signal converter for converting the monitor signal to an electrical monitor signal and sending the signal as input to the microprocessor, a program of the microprocessor for comparing the received electrical monitor signal with the reference values of the database, selecting the corresponding second frequency, or if no reference values are found selecting the first frequency as the second frequency, and generating an electric jamming signal with the selected frequency, a jamming signal converter for receiving said electrical jamming signal from the microprocessor and converting it to the jamming signal, and an optical transmitter for transmitting said jamming signal to the laser-based speed monitor."  - patent application(10/138036)


     Some people think Blinder International can't do anything to other 'DIODE' based laser jammers like the Laser Interceptor, Laser Pro Park, or Anti-Laser systems because a Blinder M27/M47 utilizes 904/905nm high power LED's.  Blinder's year 2002 patent application is actually for a diode based system, not IR LED.  In any case it doesn't really matter what the hardware is on alleged infringing products because the knife in the belly is all in the software.  The application cited here is merely an application.  Torben holds the software sword in the legal world.  Check out the United States Patent and Trademark Office to read about Blinder's issued patent for the 'look up table' software.  It's a great read.

We have no proof Anti-Laser is being litigated right now.  Maybe it's a mere coincidence Anti-Laser USA changed their website around the same time just randomly.  I'm willing to bet Anti-Laser and Laser Pro Park are up next....  Stay tuned for an entertaining time in the jammer world. 


p.s.  This blog post is purely speculation by the author.  The author and webmaster is not a patent attorney.  Special thanks to a little bird for bringing this topic up. 

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