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[MAIL ROOM] Is my Laser Interceptor transmitting?

Posted on August 14, 2009 at 1:56 PM

From the mail room!  A question about the Laser Interceptor.


Question:  "Hi – I just bought a laser jammer (Laser Interceptor) and wanted to verify that it is transmitting a signal.  I am able to get an alert by using a TV remote (it says “unknown gun, jamming sequence initiated).  This TV remote also sets off my Valentine1’s laser alert.  However, once the jamming sequence starts on the LI, it does not set off the Valentine1.


Do you know if a jamming sequence should be detected by alaser detector (Valentine1)?"

Answer:  Hello ****** and thanks for writing.  First of all I hope you purchased your LI from an authorized dealer, otherwise if a problem occurs Ivan and Cliff won't help you.  The Laser Interceptor uses smart pulse matching, not the brute force technique used by another jammer.  When you hear the voice alert, "jamming sequence blah blah", that's only an extended alert.  For example, in real life the Laser Interceptor may catch laser scatter from an officer targeting another car.  This scatter may only be detected for 1 second, but the full 5+ second voice alert goes on even though the LI quit detecting the laser 4 seconds ago.  What I'm trying to say is just because you hear the full voice alert, it doesn't mean laser is being detected or jamming for that entire time.

Don't worry about the V1.  Your TV remote probably works in the Khz range and the Laser Interceptor heads are probably shooting at a high Khz range PAST the range of the TV remote and past the range of the V1 detector.  It doesn't matter what pulse rate the LI is firing because we're not priviledged to their generic jamming algorythm.  What matters is the diodes are firing and not dead.  The easy way to test this is by getting your cell phone camera or video camera and pointing it at the transponders.  Get your TV remote or laser tester and hold down the button.  Look at the camera LCD screen.  Do you see the laser diodes lighting up?  You should.  If you don't you need to call up Cliff right away.

- Chris

If anyone else has a question please feel free to write. 

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