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[Mail Room] Does the Blinder M27 Xtreme tell you what gun is hitting you?

Posted on August 13, 2009 at 11:54 AM

No.  The new Blinder M27/M47 Xtreme doesn't have voice alerts to tell you what gun is hitting you.  While this is a cool feature(one of my favorites as a laser jammer enthusiast), I doubt alot of normal folk would really find this useful.  Imagine you're CrazyVolvoRob speeding down the motorway listening to Cher at 90dB.  The muffled voice alert would be hard to hear, especially if it's a low gated voice like Cher ;-)  Trust me people....if you're driving 25 over the limit you don't want to get confused.  Was that my Ipod or was that my Blinder?  A pizzo alert is definite and unmistakable.  The Blinder's pizo is very loud!   I have a feeling you're getting the Blinder's new M27 software mixed up.  Torben, CEO of Blinder, made a nifty little feature that lets you download new firmware.  With this new firmware you can adjust the jam time and take out European guns.



Lidatek Laser Echo LE-30

Posted on August 13, 2009 at 11:12 AM

8/13/2009 -  Just listed an LE-30 source if anyone wants brand new Lidatek's.  Please remember that this company is no longer in business.  Buyer assumes all risks when dealing with Ebayers.  Try and negotiate an in-house warranty(in writing) with Mobile Center if you choose to get this older jammer.  I also recommend that you talk this guy down to a reasonable price.  His asking price is outrageous.

Read about this listing in the yard sale section.  Click here.

- Chris

$999.00 - Another Kustom PL2 added to the list

Posted on August 12, 2009 at 4:23 AM

Just added another Kustom PL2 lidar gun to the yard sale list.  It's too expensive for what it is in my opinion, however someone with some money to burn may want it.  Click on the picture to check it out.  I would contact the seller to see if he would be willing to sell it cheaper.  PL2's sell on ebay all the time for around $600 to $700.00. 

- Chris

LTI Ultralyte 100LR $1,599.99

Posted on August 11, 2009 at 3:44 AM

Check out the used LTI 20-20 100LR I added to the new yard sale section.  I also added a Vascar  and Kustom ProLaser II.  Used (outdated) jammers are also listed on this page. Click here to view it.  The 'yard sale' section is updated daily.

A new section for used treasures.

Posted on August 9, 2009 at 7:35 AM

Sometimes used or outdated stuff is more valueable than new.  A good example would be the Target LE850.  The new "Yard Sale" section(located in the top menu) is designed to list unique items sought out by laser jammer enthusiasts and speeders.  Find the Lidatek LE-10 you've been searching for...okay honestly I wouldn't put an LE-10 in the "Yard Sale" section because I would buy it and keep it to myself lol.  That's one jammer I'm not going to pass up for anything.  I'll try to update that page daily.  If any of you spot something awesome and it's not listed please drop me a line at

New or in-production items will NOT be listed in the 'Yard Sale' section.  New radar detectors and laser jammers should only be purchased from an authorized reseller.

- Chris

Preventing cyber crime by listing authorized dealers of different laser jammer companies

Posted on August 8, 2009 at 9:45 AM

When people stop by LaserJammerTests they read reviews, watch movies, and catch up on consumer alerts.  This alone keeps most people informed and out of harms way.  Good companies can sometimes be misrepresented by criminals seeking to take advantage of forum and car club members under an anonymous avatar.  The most frequently asked question I get is, "Who is an authorized dealer I can trust?"  This is a really important question because UNauthorized dealers can't offer warranties and in the worst case scenario they scam you completely.  This has got to stop.

Laser jammer cyber crime stops when consumers are educated.

I became sick to my stomach when I found out several members of an Audi forum were defrauded by an individual claiming to be a Blinder M27/M47 Xtreme dealer.  This individual claimed to give 'group buy pricing' at a price too good to be true.  Members of the Audi forum sent money to this individual via Paypal, but he/she(fraud team) didn't send a Blinder m27 in return.  The Audi forum members filed Paypal chargebacks and won, however the con artist emptied out the Paypal account BEFORE Paypal could freeze the account.  One member filed a police report with the Puyallup police department.  Officer Hayes (Badge #299) re. Case 09006447.  Full story here.

Group buys on forums are extremely risky!

Some group buys for various jammer manufacturers are indeed legit, however more often then not they're conducted by individuals who are not authorized to sell the product.  Even if you're not scammed, the manufacturer will not honor your warranty if you purchase product from an unauthorized dealer.  Some manufacturers won't even honor a warranty if you purchase the product below MAP price.  If your forum has a group buy advertised it's wise to contact the manufacturer BEFORE you jump in.  Don't make the same mistake the Audi forum members did :-(

How things will change for laser jammer enthusiasts.

In a short period of time will be collecting and verifying 'authorized dealers' to be listed in our public directory.  This directory will have several verified dealers listed under each laser jammer brand, including Escort, Beltronics, Blinder, Laser Interceptor, Target, etc.  Each directory will also have the contact info for the corporations headquarters.  Giving consumers the means to make a safe transaction with an honest and verified dealer will help to curb fraud in its tracks.

Requirements to be listed in the Laser Jammer authorized dealer directory:

1.  The dealer is required in writing to show he/she is an authorized dealer for 'X' manufacturer.  I will personally contact the manufacturer to verify the claim of the applicant.

2.  The dealer has been in business for a minimum of 1 year.

3.  The dealer has consistent business hours of operation.

4.  The dealer represents a company that's in good standing.

5.  The dealer must ship out orders within 72 hours of payment(unless otherwise stated.)

Manufacturers need not apply, as they will be listed automatically, however if you're a dealer contact us for further details at  Please include your business name, full name, business address, business phone number, and manufacturer you represent.

We are currently seeking authorized dealers for the following laser jammer and radar detector manufacturers:

  • Beltronics - radar detectors
  • Blinder - Laser jammers
  • Cobra - radar detectors and GPS
  • Cheetah - GPS, wireless fitting kits
  • Escort - radar detectors, ZR4 Shifter, GPS
  • K40 Defuser EX/EX2
  • Laser Interceptor - Laser diffuser
  • Laser Star (UK only) - Laser diffuser
  • Laser Shield - Infrared diffusion plate cover
  • Target (UK only) - 'garage door opener'/ laser jammer
  • Veil - Infrared Stealth Coating
  • Whistler - Radar detectors & GPS

Legal Liability Statement:

While will make all the necessary steps to verify dealers for our public directory, it is the responsibility of the consumer to research the company before a purchase is made. does NOT act as a middle man in your transaction and is not responsible for your transaction in any way shape or form.  You hold the webmaster of free of any liability for YOU conducting business with any said manufacturers.  Our directly is a courtesy to consumers, NOT a paid service, therefore the consumer assumes all risk in any transaction with any dealer or manufacturer.


New Anti-Laser ALG9 RX against the Unipar SL700

Posted on August 7, 2009 at 4:52 PM

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The Anti-Laser ALG8 was able to jam the unipar SL700, however we never got to see a video of it.  The new ALG9 RX is capable of jamming the Truspeed USA, TruSpeed EURO, and Traffipatrol XR.  What makes the ALG9 RX different from the original G9 version is the memory card update and ability to jam the Euro version Truspeed.  The RX version still has a quad cluster photo diode set up in each head, giving the anti-laser transponder heads better detection.

I like the way all Anti-Laser videos are filmed.  They're fun to watch and they frequently choose good background music to move it along.  On a few test runs I noticed it was a little dark out.  Why is it I couldn't see the infrared light firing from the head(s)?  Most camcorders CMOS sensors are capable of picking this up.

- Chris

KMPH Canada takes money without delivering Laser Pro Park

Posted on July 25, 2009 at 4:16 AM

A consumer finally stepped forward after he didn't receive his Pro Park laser jammer from Alex in Canada.  The public complaint was made on KMPH's forum on July 23rd.  The consumer 'allegedly' paid over 30 days ago, but didn't receive a thing, not even an email about the status of his shipment(that never came).  Alex finally responded to the complaint, verifying the complaint wasn't made up and indeed genuine.  You can read about the 1 month fiasco here for the full story.

The future patrol car if police departments give it a chance.

Posted on July 6, 2009 at 2:39 AM


The Dodge Charger is the sexiest police car on the block hands down...until now. This new 'Robo-Cop Car' by Carbon Motors makes you want to get pulled over. This sleek looking black-and-white is equipped with video surveillance by Kustom Signals, manufacturer of many known radar guns on the market today. The in-car LCD screen is touch screen activated, allowing the officer to toggle back and fourth between different systems. The license plate recognition system looks similar to the Seattle Police Departments mobile parking photo enforcement patrol system. Ultra bright blue and red LED's outline the sides and front of the vehicle for optimal visibility. When you look at the front of the 'E7' the push bars don't look like an add-on. They seem to be fuzed into the car at an angle. Take a look at the website below to see for yourself.

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Kustom Signals -


Carbon Motors -



OEM Carbon Motors Corporation

Vehicle Platform Codename E7

Brand Carbon Motors?

Nameplate To Be Determined

Assembly Location Under Negotiations

Price Comparable to Retail Passenger Car Outfitted with Law Enforcement Equipment. Detailed pricing will be announced in a few months.

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Engine Forced Induction Diesel

Recommended Fuel Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) Diesel or BioDiesel

Driveline Rear-Wheel-Drive

Horsepower 300 bhp

Torque 420 lb-ft

Transmission 6-Speed Automatic

Front Brakes 14" Vented Discs, ABS

Rear Brakes 13" Vented Discs, ABS

Wheels 18 x 8" Steel

Tires 245/50R18

Front Suspension Struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar

Rear Suspension Multi-link, coil springs, self-leveling shocks, anti-roll bar

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Wheelbase 122.0"

Front Track 66.9"

Rear Track 66.9"

Overall Length 200.0"

Overall Width 78.0"

Overall Height 64.2"

Ground Clearance 7.0"

Curb Weight 4000 lbs

Weight Distribution (front/rear) 50% / 50%

Front Headroom 40.0"

Rear Headroom 38.5"

Front Legroom 45.0"

Cargo Volume 20.0 cu ft

Fuel Capacity 18.0 gallons




0 - 60 mph 6.5 seconds

Quarter Mile 14.5 seconds @ 98.0 mph

Top Speed 155 mph

Braking 60 - 0 mph 125 feet

Lateral Acceleration 0.85 g

Combined City/Hwy Fuel Economy 28 - 30 mpg




All-new purpose-built vehicle platform exclusively for law enforcement

Meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements

Designed to 250,000 mile durability specification

Turn-key built-to-direct-order - 24/7/365 call center support

Turn-key end-of-vehicle-life process

Comprehensive warranty

Aluminum spaceframe body structure

75 mph rear impact crash capability

Cockpit with fully-integrated factory fitted law enforcement equipment

Integrated emergency lights, spot lights, take down lights, and directional stick

Segment exclusive coach rear doors for safer suspect ingress and egress

Vehicle dynamic control

Anti-lock brakes

Optimized approach / departure angles and ground clearance

NIJ Level III-A (or better) ballistic protection (front doors and dash panel)

Purpose-designed seat for use with on-body equipment - Heated and ventilated seats

Heads up display

Reverse backup camera

Remote start capability

Driver specific intelligent key

360 degree exterior surveillance capability

Automatic license plate recognition system

Video and audio surveillance of rear passenger compartment

130hz - 350hz bass siren

Nightvision compliant interior illumination

Integrated forward looking infrared system (FLIR)

Integrated shotgun mounts

Optimized storage capability (compartment and cargo)

Integrated front and rear passenger compartment partition

Hoseable rear passenger compartment

Integrated push bumpers and PIT capability

Politics of jammer industry isn't this video.

Posted on June 23, 2009 at 6:02 AM

If you've been around the laser jammer industry for a while you'd understand the politics and drama behind it all....correction, you may not understand it, but you'd surely read about it.  The most common complaint is every test is "biased" because they weren't performed in a double-blind lab style test(like the drug companies.)  While this type of testing is totally possible in every industry, the funds needed to perform such a jammer test would be too great.  To date, no testing group, including and the GoL have ever performed a double blind style test.  If you think the forum thread trolls and hot air blowers are bad in the jammer industry, just take a look around in the other forums.  The video below made me laugh soooo much :-)

Who does the radio show host remind you of?  I can think of one person ;-)

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Manufacturer of Laser Pro Park officially DISSOLVED by UK Government.

Posted on June 7, 2009 at 5:41 AM

UK Government Officially

Shuts down

Laser Pro Park!

It comes to no surprised that the UK Government finally had enough of Laser Protector LTD, manufacturer of Laser Pro Park laser jammers.  A while back we warned all consumers that Laser Protector's tax problems were getting bad.  For the past couple years the company has been going back and fourth between 'delinquent' to 'no accounts filed' to 'active' status.  What most consumers don't know is Laser Protector LTD's directors have been involved in a few other failed companies that Companies House has been investigating.  It's ILLEGAL to operate a business when it has been dissolved by the government, therefore all consumers should take great caution in buying any product manufactured by Kris Shortland or Andy Thompson.  Now that the company has been officially dissolved consumers can now expect no updates to be made with Laser Pro Park or have any warranty service options.

It's now 100% illegal for Laser Protector to carry on business without a reinstatement of the company.  The only way to have the company reinstated is by court order of the highest court.  Call up Companies House and verify the facts yourself at +44 (0)303 1234 500.  

Laser Pro Park

Nov. 2006 - Feb. 2009

Official Government Notice on Laser Protector LTD can be found by visiting here:

Companies House UK can be reached by telephone if you want to call them up yourself.


Tel: +44 (0)303 1234 500

Fax: 029 20380900



Companies House Executive Agency

21 Bloomsbury Street

London WC1B 3XD

How much do you know about the laser jammer industry?

Posted on May 28, 2009 at 7:49 AM

Each and every morning I look at my websites stats.   I can tell that some of you browse the site everyday('crazyvolvorob' is obsessed about me?) for updates.  The site has been a little quiet, but that's only because all of us are waiting for the new Blinder M27/M47 series to be released.  Will it be as good as it's hyped to be?  Sources tell me this will be the first LED jammer to have the same performance as a diode jammer(HA!)  If this is truly the case I will have to see it with my very own eyes.  Blinder has been a rollar coaster throughout the decade.  I remember when the Blinder M20 performed better than the early revision J6-J11 M25 Xtreme.  Torben Anderson, CEO of Blinder International, later released a few more revisions that fixed the M25 screw ups.  I can go on and on about the history of Blinder, but frankly I don't want to bore you.  Let's just wait and see if the new M27 Xtreme has the jamming power of diodes, but with the consistent reliability of an LED.  Other LED jammers like the GF100 Pro Park, Laser Mask, and M-18 Xtreme(korean made) have been disapointing.  On the other hand diode based 'parking sensors' like the Pro Park are just garbage.


How much do you know about the jammer industries past?  Take the LIDAR jammer 101 quiz below.

You are a 100% laser jammer genius

Congrats! You are obviously a laser jammer fanatic like us on Technology always changes, so be sure to check in on our site for updated information on the latest threats.

Laser Jammer 101 Final Test
Take More Quizzes


- Chris


p.s.  If you get all the questions right I'll be surprised.  I can think of only a couple people who know that much stuff(besides Jim.)

Laser Atlanta changes pulse rate of SpeedLaser 'B'

Posted on May 12, 2009 at 10:34 AM

New Pulse Rate on SpeedLaser 'B's Latest Revision?!

I'm still awaiting confirmation from another source, but the word in the laser jammer world is Laser Atlanta's newest revision 'B' model has a different pulse rate than the normal 238 pps.  Will the Laser Atlanta 'B' SpeedLaser LIDAR have a variable pulse rate like the TruSpeed Euro 2, Reigal, and Traffipatrol XR, or will the normal fixed rate pulse be different all together?  Lets hope for all laser jammer companies that Laser Atlanta didn't change anything like I've been hearing.  If SpeedLaser 'B' was changed to ***.* this just means another gun Laser Pro Park won't be able to jam.  It's not looking good for Laser Protector LTD.  

Ebay dictates street value of Laser Pro Park

Posted on May 10, 2009 at 2:59 AM

Laser Pro Park jammer not even worth $180.00.  I wouldn't even put a free one on my car, let alone pay $180.00 to NOT jam 5 police lidar guns.

Two years ago Laser Pro Park was selling for an average price of $650.00 for a single head system.  Back then the LPP laser jammer was all the rave, that is until Anti-Laser's engineers stopped giving the Laser Protector team updates.  The 100pps LTI Ultralyte was discovered and LPP didn't jam the gun, infact they lied about it at first and said they did.  Many months rolled by and they finally came out with a fix, but it was too little too late.  The few customers Steve Warren, Kris, Andy, and Alex were able to trick already started to sell their used Laser Pro Park systems on Ebay.  LPP's could be found on Ebay for $300.00 at around that time, less than 50% of the MSRP.  Now Laser Pro Park's inability to jam the LTI TruSpeed 1 and & Tru2 Euro version is killing the resale rate of used systems, as well as the sale rate of brand new Laser Pro Park's.  Two years later you practically get the same out-of-date system KMPH was pushing two years ago, but this time they're not charging $650.00 for a single head transponder.   The only thing they could do was dump the MSRP to around $450.00, and now brand new Laser Pro Park laser jammer one head systems can be found on ebay for a price of $177.00.  OUCH!  So now all the consumers can pay $177.00 on Ebay to buy a POS jammer that doesn't jam 6 guns.  If you have to buy a different jammer to jam the guns Laser Pro Park can't, then why even buy an LPP at 20 bucks?  I don't know about you, but I don't want to screw up my car by mounting an inferior laser jammer that doesn't work on several guns, only to have to pay $200.00 to have it uninstalled and replaced by a laser jammer that actually works.

Laser Pro Park fails against the following guns:

TraffiPatrol XR
SCS-102 photo LIDAR
LTI TruSpeed
LTI TruSpeed '2' Euro
LTI TruCam Euro

Idiot Escort 9500ix user voids warranty to fix laser reception

Posted on May 5, 2009 at 6:34 AM

 The Radar Detector Idiot Report:
This radar detector owner made the wise decision to purchase an Escort 9500ix.  Drivers who buy an Escort, Whister, or Valentine over a Cobra have done their research.  Top tier radar detectors have superior laser detection, radar detection range in the KA spectrum, and false alert suppression.  This particular driver probably chose the Escort 9500ix because it gives speed camera/ red light alerts and GPS controlled false alert suppression.  The driver was even smart enough to buy a 3 year warranty to back up his investment.  So why is he an idiot?

The 9500ix user went on a radar detector forum and said the following:

"My suction cups failed and my Passport 9500ix dropped. I can't see any damage other than a piece of foam in the display. I think it is foam, because it does not rattle. Should I be concerned?"

If you take a look at the photo it's obvious something is obstructing the view of the Infrared photo diode, the part of the detector that alerts to police laser guns.  A few forum members instructed him to send it to back to Escort for a warranty replacement/repair.  Our radar detector idiot of the week responds:

"I got the 3year gold package. I live 20 min from the Cincinnati office, and purchased it from their in-office store, but don't want to give up my RD for any length of time. I think I will open it and put the foam back or just remove it."

So let me get this right....this guy purchased an additional 3 year warranty so he could be safeguarded, yet when he actually can use the warranty he's going to VOID it by opening up the radar detector himself?!   What was the point of purchasing the 3 year additional warranty then?  You sir are a complete idiot.  Send the Escort detector in and get it fixed professionally.

- Chris

Anti-Laser ALG9 - Problems communicating with ALG8

Posted on May 4, 2009 at 6:42 AM

Anti-Laser annouced that the new ALG9 is not compatible with the older ALG8 laser jammer system in any way.  The ALG8 transponders can't be plugged into the new control box.  Anti-Laser in their own words:

"The G9 Sensors are internally powered with 12 volts unlike the G8 with 30 V internal

power. This internal difference makes the G9 not compatible with AL G8 components."

American's who purchased an ALG9 before the second alleged Truspeed fix should confirm whether or not their Cbox jams the USA Truspeed(200.3pps).  The AL team made claims in the past they could defeat this gun, however it was later exposed by some independent testers 'the fix' wasn't a fix at all.  Be sure your software is always up to date.  Contact the Anti-Laser team and double check you're TRU-ly ready.

- Chris

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Hypocrit 'reviewers' on Laser Interceptor stay silent

Posted on April 29, 2009 at 5:48 AM

    There is a certain group *cough cough GOL* that loves Laser Interceptor.  When they're not pretending to be independent laser jammer reviewers, they're busy(mostly Steve) blowing smoke up Laser Interceptor's arse.  You're probably asking yourself why a group who claims to be free of bias hides certain truths.  Simple. They're always getting free product or special attention.

    Two guys specifically, Rob and Steve, complain about other jammers reliability and performance.  They'll get on car forums and spread a bunch of lies here and there.  "Laser Pro Park has quality control issues blah blah blah."  While this is true about Laser Pro Park having alot of problems, it troubles me that these two clowns don't keep the sword sharp on both sides.  I speak the truth when I say Rob and Steve have both gone through at least 2-3 Laser Interceptor transponder.  Yes folks, the transponders broke that many times.  I made an announcement a long time ago about Laser Interceptor's build quality issues.  Some forum members would make fun of my consumer alerts, but you know what?  I was right all along. 

    The peddlers of Laser Interceptor, Rob and Steve, have both experienced LI's true colors.  The LI may jam okay, however who wants to replace transponder heads every 2 months because they keep on breaking?  Not me.  Spend $150 - $300.00 on an install and you'll quickly get tired of LI's heads dying.

    CrazyRob and HappySteve should post in their biased forum what's really going on with them.  Tell the world about how you've gone through several jammer transponders, but refuse to post anything about it because you're afraid Cliff won't give you new heads.  The youtube video below demonstrates Laser Interceptor's poor ability to seal out water.  Water = failure.  A wet circuit board is going to short everything out.

     At about 0:17 you'll see the brand new transponders intaking water. Keep in mind the people who made this video is an Interceptor dealer. They have no reason to lie.

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Escort unloading old ZR3 Laser Shifter jammer stock for cheap.

Posted on April 27, 2009 at 5:19 AM

Escort is practically giving away laser jammers at $250.00

Radar detector(Escort Passport) and Laser Shifter manufacturer, Escort, is offloading a ton of older stock.  The ZR3 Laser Shifter once sold for $450.00, but now you can buy them at what dealers used to pay for them.  $250.00 bucks!  The Escort ZR3 Laser jammer is an LED based laser jammer just like the Blinder Xtreme M20/M40 and K40 Defuser EX.  It comes with 2 front transponders and one license plate mounted rear transponder.  One man, Erickonphoenix, has over 16 confirmed saves from a LIDAR/Laser speeding ticket with his Shifter.  It was only until recently that Eric received a LIDAR citation.   Escort no longer makes the ZR3 Laser Jammer/Shifter because it was phased out for new and improved ZR4 Shifter by Cincinnati Microwave(Escort Rebrand)

If the Escort ZR3 Shifter is an outdated jammer should I buy one at the liquidation price?

Answer:  You'd be stupid not to buy it at this price.  The Escort Shifter may be outdated, but it still jams many of the lidar guns still in use today.  Laser Atlanta Speed Laser in stealth mode and Stalker Lidar guns eat the ZR3 shifter up, however the new LTI Truspeed(200.3Hz) is easily neutralized by Escort's older laser jammer.  Think of the Shifter as a good back up laser jammer.  This recession is hurting all consumers.  If you don't have hundreds of dollars to plunk down on an expensive jammer, the ZR3 will serve you well.  How much money has the Shifter saved Erick in Phoenix?  Thousands of dollars in speeding tickets.

For more information on the blowout sale at Escort you can visit the manufacturer directly by clicking here.

Please take notice that the Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter doesn't do well against the Stalker LIDAR gun, nor does it even detect the Laser Atlanta Speed Laser in stealth mode.   The Escort laser jammer should be used as a bare bones back up system only.  Consider upgrading to a more advanced system when you have the funds.   Enjoy the drive.  Shift away!

- Chris

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Laser Pro Park fighting tax problems instead of Truspeed, SCS 102, & TraffiPatrol XR.

Posted on March 26, 2009 at 6:24 AM

Consumer Alert

Laser Pro Park Laser Jammer(LPP)

Laser Pro Park users should start to get concerned...okay it's a little too late for that.  Many who have been duped by Laser Pro Park's claims to defeat 'new guns' in the future have been scammed we know.  Luckily the word has been out for a very very long time about Laser Protector's problems.  In Europe the Laser Pro Park doesn't jam the highly used TraffiPatrol XR or the SCS 102.  Laser Pro Park also fails to jam Nestor Speed Lidar Camera's according to several sources.  If nobody really buys Laser ProPark (LPP) anymore then what is the problem?

Oh wait!  It's not a problem for consumers anymore.  The total drop in sales has caused the makers of Laser Pro Park to have tax problems.  If consumers are no longer buying LPP products because of their lack of engineering, this will trickle down over time and kill the very business that made the false claims of speedy engineering to begin with.

What the consumer needs to know about "LPP", "Laser Pro Park", "Laser Protector LTD."

Laser Protector's Laser Pro Park doesn't jam the Truspeed, Traffipatrol XR, or the SCS 102 speed lidar guns.  The XR and SCS have been out for a long time.  Where has LPP been hiding on these threats?  They have no choice to hide because they have ZERO money to spend on R&D.  The USA TruSpeed lidar gun by Laser Technology has been out for over 9 months.  By the time Laser Pro Park even acknowledged the Truspeed threat the state of California alread purchased HUNDREDS of these $1995.00 laser guns.  Thousands of speeding tickets have been handed out with the help of these guns.

Only a few things remain for Laser Protector LTD.

1.  UK Companies House(like the IRS for USA), reports a strike-off for Laser Protector LTD.  This means the company is not paying their required taxes or requirements to stay in business.  The UK government has special laws that protect consumers.  If a company is struck off that can bleed over and collapse other companies associated with the originating company.  When the first domino falls everything else falls with it.  The photo below shows the strike off proposal on Laser Protector LTD.  You can also see the site directly during UK business hours.

2.  Even if the manufacturer of LPP Laser Pro Park was able to fix their problems they still don't have the capability to combat the threats of new guns in a timely manner.

The point is if you buy Laser Pro Park you're already buying an outdated laser jammer that doesn't jam several guns.  You can thank Steve Warren at UK Speed Traps for misleading thousands of UK motorists about LPP.  Maybe if he wasn't selling them on his website he would have told everyone the truth about the obsolete jammer. 

Laser Protector LTD faces 'Strike Off'. 

State Troopers invest in 89 TruSpeed lidar guns to catch speeding motorists

Posted on August 2, 2008 at 6:25 AM

State troopers just got the upper hand in Conneticut.  $167,000 was set aside to purchase 89 brand new speed laser guns, the TruSpeed from Laser Technology.  The TruSpeed speed lidar gun is light weight, battery powered, and made by the largest manufacturer of lidar guns in the world.  Laser Technology holds numerous patents for speed lidar detection equipment.  The new TruSpeed unit is very popular because it's dirt cheap.  These bad boys sell for only $2,000 to departments.  Technology always drops in price and in the speed laser industry it has dropped alot.  The speed lidar gun has been around for well over 10 years.  Departments have been reluctant to switch over completely from radar because the laser guns were too expensive.  Not anymore.  An MPH Industries Bee III in-car radar unit costs more then a lidar gun now.  Expect LIDAR to overtake radar nationwide in just a couple more years.  The LTI Ultralyte series usually cost departments over $3,500.00 a piece.

Smart speeding motorists don't have to worry about these new laser guns.  You still need your radar detector for the ancient radar systems.  Equip your car with a police laser jammer and you can do more then detect it.  You can jam it baby.  You can find a video demo of the Laser Star laser jammer here.